Redwood Welcomes New Faculty

Bennett Vasquez and PJ Pfeiffer

As students begin to hit their stride in the new year they might notice the new faces at Redwood. This year Redwood is welcoming 11 new teachers. All of them with diverse backgrounds and rich new ways to enhance the Redwood community. They all share one common goal, to be the best help to their students as they can.


Bradford Butler 

Department: Fine Arts

Quote: “I hope to build a community and eventually alumni who will continue to come back and create an artistic and creative community.”

Fun Fact: His favorite place to fly fish, his passion, is at the McCloud river at the bottom of Mount Shasta.





Anna Farley 

Department: Fine Arts

Quote: “It has been my lifelong dream to have a computer lab… and I have always wanted to teach graphic design. So this was the perfect place to do it.”

Fun Fact: Loves to cook when she needs to calm down.




Ben Benson 

Department: Fine Arts

Quote: “In my practice, I make tree pots, so they are big bottle forms with a little tree sculpture and a cork on top.”

Fun Fact: His real name is Ben Rupers but due to an inside joke from his last school, San Andreas, he know prefers Mr. Benson.




Jeff Sand

Department: English

Quote: “I have lived in Southern California my entire life, so I am excited to get to learn a whole new area, and explore.”

Fun Fact: Was stuck in Merced for 9 and a half hours while he was waiting for a tow truck over labor day weekend.




Andre Sisneros

Department: Science

Quote: “One of the things that I think is really exciting is bringing a whole new set of skills I have and trying to apply that in a school setting.”

Fun Fact: Mr. Sisneros was once a small business owner in San Rafael.




Eunice Hong

Department: Math

Quote: “the first week has been really good and I think it’s due to the teachers in the math department. They are so helpful and resourceful and the school is run really well.”

Fun Fact: Mrs. Hong loves hiking and discovering new trails. Her favorite trail is the Lands End trail.





Robert Komisar

Department: Social Studies

Quote: “I would like to help bring a new energy to accompany the increasing diversity here at Redwood.”

Fun Fact: He is fluent in three different languages.





Caitlin Santin

Department: World Languages

Quote: “ [The students] are very sweet and that was the most exciting for me… I love that they say thank you when they eave class, like, ooh, you’re welcome for your test.”

Fun Fact: Her favorite activity is scuba diving. Her favorite place she has scuba dived was Turks and Kaykos.





Andrew Schroeder

Department: Social Studies

Quote: “I do not know the kiddos who are Redwood High School. So I am excited to meet some new faces and meet new people we have.”

Fun Fact: Loves to run and has been in several marathons.


Elana Wright, Rebecca Elegant, Andrew Schroeder, Kelsey Kniesche not pictured