Redwood suffers a devastating defeat in an intensive game against Marin Academy

Alexa Erickson, Reporter

On Tuesday, March 12 the boys’ varsity lacrosse team suffered an unfortunate loss in an intense game against the Marin Academy Wildcats. Despite the loss, the team was able to put up a good fight keeping the score very close, however, as time ran out in the fourth quarter, the Giants were not able to pull through.

Redwood got off to a slow start as Marin Academy took the lead at 0-6. The Wildcats used effective defensive and offensive techniques to defend themselves against the Giants and their tactics were reflected in the scoreboard. Four year Redwood lacrosse player senior Harri Hetrick scored the first two goals of the game for Redwood, allowing the Giants to start to catch up to the Wildcats. Hetrick feels that despite the team’s ability to recover, the team needs to improve on their intensity on and off the field.

“It was very frustrating that we started out so slow and let them get to a zero to six lead, but I was really happy that we were able to flip the switch and come back. We need to find another level of intensity, we all [joined] this team because we want to win whether you’re playing through the whole game or not,” Hetrick stated.

After the two points scored by Hetrick, the team gained confidence and strength on the field. Three points were scored by seniors Zach Thoma, Louie Commesso, and Hetrick. As the half ended, the Wildcats lead  7-4.

During the third quarter, Hetrick made a fierce unassisted goal as he drove down the field on the Wildcats, bringing the score to 5-8. Subsequently, junior Coburn Brassey scored the sixth goal of the game with 47 seconds left in the third quarter, leaving the score at 6-8 as the fourth quarter began.

An impressive comeback from the Giants continued to persist as the fourth quarter commenced. Inspiring speeches by coaches Blake Atkins, Neil Butterfield, and Scott Jennings echoed through the field. “Take pride in wearing those jerseys,” were the words that brought confidence and spirit to the players. Goals scored by seniors Thoma and Hetrick were able to tie the game at 8-8 with ten minutes left in the fourth quarter.  

Unfortunately, a Marin Academy senior was able to score an unassisted goal to put them in the lead 9-8. As the time ran out, the Giants reluctantly admitted defeat.

“It was a really tough loss but I’m really happy with the way that our team came back. I also feel like the chemistry between all of the teammates allows us to have those moments and continue to thrive in the hard times,” Brassey stated.

Senior starting midfield player Miles Dean felt that even though it was a loss for the team he was impressed with the teams will to come back from an especially slow start.

“That was a tough one. MA came out and punched us in the face. It took a while to stop them and get on our feet to make a run of our own. We were able to pick up the intensity and tighten up the defense which allowed our offense to get going. Made a good push but couldn’t finish it in the end. We did a good job bouncing back and getting back in the game with hard work. We need to learn to play to that level the entire game so we can be the team that hits early and defends the lead,” Dean said.

The Giants plan to take this game as a learning experience and set a precedent for their upcoming MCAL games that they must come on the field strong and ready to take on any challenges.

“One of my big hopes is that were able to come out at each game and throw the first punch. We struggle with teams scoring on us in the last couple of seconds in the quarter. We don’t want to fight back the whole game and its not a winning strategy,” stated Hetrick.