Senior couple treasures their two-year romance

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Drake Goodman and Ryo Weng

After conducting the historical Bark sex survey this month, we have decided to delve into the fading trend of student relationships. In fact, the number of seniors who date has declined by 18 percent since 1976, according to Child Trends, shedding light on a shifting high school culture regarding high school relationships. However, this change has not stopped seniors Jayson Fabre and Grace Scott from staying in a committed relationship with one another.

Fabre and Scott have been dating for over two years, as their relationship began shortly before winter break of their sophomore year. According to both Fabre and Scott, they started talking and spending more time with each other because they were in the same PE class.

Drake Goodman
Making Scott laugh, Fabre knows just what to say to lighten the mood.

“The reason why [we started liking each other] is because he had torn his ACL and so he couldn’t do the swim unit and I had a medical excuse as well, so we were both sitting out of the swim unit, and we started talking,” Scott said.

Despite an eventual attraction, Fabre’s impression of Scott contained mixed feelings at first.
“[Grace] and her friends were crazy sophomores, which was weird, but it was also fun and I liked that. My friends were more laid back and serious, so it was nice to have that weirdness of Grace and her friends with the maturity of my friends,” Fabre said.

Now, after dating for two years, Fabre and Scott have created many meaningful memories together. However, their favorite activity together is simply spending time with one another.

“After a long day of school or work, we meet up and talk about our day and just rant to each other,” Fabre said. “It’s a good way to release the stress and to have that person that you can talk to, just to get everything out so you’re not holding it up inside. Just being able to have someone to do that with really helps make me more calm and happier.”

Drake Goodman
Gazing into each others eyes, seniors Jayson Fabre and Grace Scott have shared many memories together over the past two years as a couple.

Scott added that talking to her boyfriend at the end of the day is also one of the moments she looks forward to.

“That is my favorite part of the week too because we both have really stressful weeks, and I see him at school and after work, and after work is at 8 p.m. and I have to be home at 9 p.m., so we run around to see each other,” Scott said.

Their scramble to spend as much quality time with each other throughout the week has amounted to an incredible friendship between the couple. According to Fabre, their relationship is much more than just romantic, which, they believe, is one of the reasons why it has been successful for so long.

“A really good friendship is important in a relationship. It’s also really fun to have someone [where] you [can] really enjoy their presence,” Fabre said.

In addition to forming a tightly-knit friendship within a romantic relationship, they believe having a good relationship with each other’s parents is important as well.

“My stepmom loves him and really adores him, and so does her entire side of the family. My dad, on the other hand, [is] very strict. Jayson and my dad had a little bit of a bumpy relationship, but they’re good. He likes Jayson,” Scott said.

Drake Goodman
Fighting is bound to happen in a long-term relationship, but according to Fabre, patience is key to resolving arguments.

As for Fabre’s parents, they are equally as supportive of their relationship.

“My mom really likes her. My mom is always open to inviting Grace over and to trips. Same with my dad, he’s just a little bit more quiet,” Fabre said.

Like many people in long-term relationships, the couple has run into some problems. Being able to work through those issues, however, has allowed them to strengthen their bond with each other.

“After any problems, we sort it out through a lot of talking because sometimes I go into this ‘quiet mode,’ where I don’t really want to talk, but he’s really good at talking to me,” Scott said.

Fabre agreed that past disagreements have not affected their relationship as a whole. The couple is always able to talk through arguments and quickly move on.

Drake Goodman
Displaying a huge grin, Scott is grateful to always have Fabre at her side.

“A lot of it is not trying to fix the immediate problem. If you just try to relax and not try to fix it, it’s not going to affect your relationship in such a negative way and you want to give the other person some space and time,” Fabre said. “I’ve learned not to worry so much about every fight that we might have, especially because we’ve been together for so long that it’s not going to break us apart.”

From hikes on Angel Island to cuddling to watch Netflix shows, there is no doubt that Fabre and Scott continue to adore one another as time goes on. On a smaller scale, the couple has developed some routines with each other that they continually enjoy.  

“If it’s a nice morning, then meeting at Philz and going to get coffee and enjoying each other’s presence is one of the nicest things for me,” Scott said.

Drake Goodman
Contrasting from his behavior with his friends, Fabre loves that he is able to act naturally around Scott.

Fabre also added that the couple appreciates spending time in nature together because it allows them to truly connect.

For both Fabre and Scott, looking back at their high school journey will surely bring up many colorful memories and experiences. However, this could not have been possible without their compatibility with one another.

“I love that I can just be myself when I’m with her and be able to be totally weird. It’s not like the way that I have to ‘fall in’ with certain friends by matching the way they act to just fit in. But with her I can act no matter what way I’m feeling, it will never matter,” Fabre said.