Horseback Riders Saddle up for Success

Amanda Morse

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Horseback Riding at Redwood By Amanda Morse on Vimeo.

“It’s all about getting back on and learning how to face those issues. Also [it’s about] figuring out when those are going to happen based on patterns that your horse shows,” junior Elena Mesker said.

Ever since her first horseback ride at a local farmers’ market and the beginning of her lessons at stables in Nicasio Valley at the age of four, Mesker has been drawn to the sport. It has also been a large part of her family history, as her mother began riding in her early twenties and now rides alongside her daughter.

With her desire to support animals in mind, Mesker decided to adopt a rescue horse that suffered from mistreatment and bring her back into good health. This special past that she shares with her horse, Luna, is what makes their bond so significant, according to Mesker.

The sport of horseback riding comes with its drawbacks and risks. Constantly being around such a large animals isn’t always easy as their mood can be unpredictable. For senior horseback rider Lena Cullen, she understands the risks but enjoys the reward. Next year, her goal is to ride for the newly established Division I NCAA equestrian team at UC Davis.

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Horseback Riders Saddle up for Success