Girls’ varsity soccer secures a dominant win over Novato

Garrett Cook

The temperature was low, at its peak it was only 48 degrees, but the energy on the field was at an all time high. Fans filled the air with their shouts and cheers while wrapped in wool blankets and mittens as the Redwood varsity girls’ soccer team played Novato on Saturday, Dec. 8, the second to last game before the winter break. The cheering never let down for a second as Redwood managed to secure a 4-0 win against Novato.

Seniors Georgia Bennett and Maddie Pero dominated the field throughout the game. Bennett said she and Pero were able to pull off skilled combos between the two of them, but at half time the score was 2-0 and their coach still wanted better performances.

“Our coach was really persistent that we [keep] scoring because 2-0 is still a pretty close game. But once we put a couple more goals away then I think we knew we had the win,” Bennett said.

Georgia Bennett winds up to take a shot.

Pero said that winning this game was deserved, but also very important to improve the team’s chemistry.

“It’s been kind of a slow start in terms of creating the connection and chemistry of the team. That’s why it was so important to us that we took this game so we could build up a strong bond and get used to playing with each other. I think we definitely deserved the win,” Pero said.

Maddie Pero tries to gain possession of the ball.

Bennett also described the win as a necessary for the team’s motivation in the future.

“We tied Tam and Branson, our biggest rivals, and now with winning against Novato, I think we are building a really good record and start to the season. The win really pushed us forward as a whole team, which I think we needed,” Bennett said.

The girls interpret their victory as a continued strong start to the season, even with some difficulties early on.

Junior Anouk Guilhaume said that the cancellation of practices in the beginning of the season had an impact on their ability to play as a team.

“I think we are definitely on the right track moving forward but its been hard especially because of the new team and a weird start to the season with having so many practices off due to the smoke,” Guilhaume said.

Anouk Guilhaume passes the ball to Maria Alexander.

Overall, the girls said they are optimistic about their season, and look forward to their next game against Drake High School on Saturday, Dec. 16.