Sports Spotlight: Alex Aguero

Jack Benbow

What started as a way to bond with his older brother Dixon Aguero, has turned into a  chance to play football at one of the highest levels for senior Alex Aguero. Aguero, the starting running back on Redwood’s varsity football team, is on track to play Division I football in college as he enters his final year of high school.

Through the first two games of the 2018-2019 season, Aguero has rushed for a total of 501 yards and six touchdowns, putting him on pace to potentially break some of Redwood’s long standing records. In his two prior seasons of playing varsity football, Aguero rushed for a total of 1,179 yards and 15 touchdowns as the leadback on the team. This year, since taking over the full workload, he has shown nothing short of what looks to be a very substantial year, especially if he can keep up with his current average of 10.9 yards per carry.

Running back Alex Aguero takes handoff from Sam Warren during a drill
Running back Alex Aguero takes handoff from Sam Warren during a drill

Aguero has not always been one of the most talented players on his team, and he attributes his success to a strong work ethic.

“I usually go to the gym at least three times a week, whether that be upper body, legs, or footwork drills depending on the day. I did a lot of conditioning with sprints and running long distance over the off-season so I think that’s how I’ve really gotten faster,” Aguero said.

Aguero was first introduced to football when he was nine years old, playing alongside older brother Dixon. After entering the sport and initially playing with the Southern Marin Broncos, a youth tackle football league, Aguero’s dedication towards football began to grow into what it is today.

“The program I played for was really passionate about football, and the coaches as well were extremely influential to me… they taught me a lot of life lessons, and it is what made me want to continue to the next level,” Aguero said.

Now, playing on the boys’ varsity team eight years later, Aguero might have the opportunity to play football at the Division I collegiate level, a goal he has been trying to accomplish through his years playing for Redwood. Although Aguero preferred not to mention what schools have expressed interest in recruiting him, he said that he does have some offers in mind for his future.

“I can’t really imagine anything because I don’t know where I am going to end up. I’m trying to focus on our team right now because that’s what matters, but I would definitely go if I have the opportunity,” Aguero said.

He also elaborated on some of the individuals that have had an impact on him such as longtime friend, fellow teammate, and mentor, former Redwood running back Nick Calzaretta.

Alex Aguero runs down the field after receiving the handoff
Alex Aguero runs down the field after receiving the handoff

“I definitely looked up to Nick because I was behind him as a running back, I was younger and because he was setting records; but mostly because he has been an older brother to me for my entire life,” Aguero said.

Aguero described Calzaretta’s work ethic to be very similar to his own. He said he strives to compete and play just as well as Calzaretta did during his time at Redwood, if not even better.

Aguero’s goal for the team this year is to get Redwood back into the playoffs and to make a run for the MCAL title.

“I’d like to see our team go far in the playoffs more than my personal goals. [Redwood has] only won a single playoff game in history, so it would be an amazing thing for the school, and for me in general, to win [a playoff match],” Aguero said. “I’d love to be able to do that with my team in my last season.”

Aguero and the varsity football team play Novato High School on Saturday, October 6th.