Varsity golf continues winning streak after win against Marin Catholic

Audrey Hettleman

After three hours, 199 strokes, and a couple of lost balls, the girl’s varsity golf team left the Peacock Gap Golf Course victorious. The team braved cold winds and tough competition to beat Marin Catholic 199-249 in their sixth match of the season. They now hold a perfect record of 6-0.

The weather brought unforeseen challenges to the team. The cold, coupled with harsh winds, was something that coach Kelly Smith and her players were unprepared for.

Senior Sophia Lui tees off on the first hole.
Senior Sophia Lui tees off on the first hole.

Despite the challenges brought on by unexpected conditions, freshman Renee Wahbeh tried to not let it affect her play.

“A lot of the time, my ball already goes to the right, so the wind was blowing left to right so that didn’t help. But overall it wasn’t a big factor,” Wahbeh said.

Wahbeh shot a 58, a score that she was not completely satisfied with. She attributed this to external factors that affected her mindset during the game.

“I had just come from a stressful math test, so I think that I had nerves in me that were just not gone yet,” Wahbeh said.

Although Wahbeh was unhappy with her score, Smith said that she has been a strong, constant presence on the course throughout the season.

“Renee has the most experience out of all of them. It’s been great. She can hit it a long ways, but she’ll learn how to score [as the season progresses],” Smith said.

Wahbeh has played in every game so far and was seeded number two in the match against Marin Catholic.

Junior Camille Mungenast follows through on a strong drive.
Junior Camille Mungenast follows through on a strong drive.

According to Smith, senior captain Nina Cinelli’s score was a critical element to the win. Her score of 46 was the best of the match, making her a medalist.

Cinelli also said that she has been playing well this past season, and powered through several tough holes to end the match strong.

“This round I think I played better than expected, especially with the wind and everything that was happening. It was just some unlucky shots that hurt my score, but other than that I think I played pretty well,” Cinelli said.

One of those unlucky shots occurred on hole number three for Cinelli, when a lost ball threw off her momentum coming off a strong drive.

“I lost one of my balls on [hole three], which kind of screwed up the rest of the round for me, but other than that I putted pretty well and played it safe, which helped me,” Cinelli said.

Senior Captain Nina Cinelli hits her ball out of the weeds.
Senior Captain Nina Cinelli hits her ball out of the weeds.

Each hole brought on a new challenge for the team. In particular, Smith said that hole number six, a par three, was difficult because the girls had to hit over water, but the coach was proud that her team stepped up to the challenge and overcame the obstacle.

Cinelli also mentioned her success on the par threes, as well as her strong finish.

“I got on the green on almost every [par three], which was helpful, and then number nine I had a really far drive which felt really good to finish on,” Cinelli said.

Other standout players included senior Sophia Lui, who shot a 47, and junior Camille Mungenast, who shot a 48.

As for the rest of the season and beyond, the team has high hopes. According to Smith, a main goal is to beat the teams they lost to last year, which were Tam and Terra Linda.

“I hope we continue to improve. I think that there is a good chance that if we continue to work at it, we might surprise some teams,” Smith said.

The team’s next game is on Sept. 20 against Tam High School.