Devon Cusack and Jake Hanssen crowned homecoming king and queen


Tilly Friedlander

The crowd went silent as the homecoming nominees each quickly undid the red ribbon and opened their boxes to find that Devon Cusack and Jake Hanssen had the winning white roses.

Hanssen and Cusack smiled at the crowd as they held up their flowers. They walked toward each other with arms spread and hugged over their victory.

The remaining 10 nominees smiled as well and congratulated the winners, each saying how proud they were.

Cusack said she was surprised that she won but also very glad.

“I didn’t know what to expect and I kind of expected the worst going into it and then when I saw my white rose it was pretty shocking,” Cusack said.

Hanssen said he felt nervous while waiting to hear the announcement of the winners.

“The process was nerve racking. Quarters in football are really long and it was very stressful to sit through,” Hanssen said.

Homecoming nominee Jack Evershed said he was not sad that he lost, but instead he felt that Hanssen and Cusack deserved to win and was grateful to be a part of the process.

“What do you get if you win? It doesn’t matter,” Evershed said. “[Hanssen and Cusack] definitely deserved it.”

Tonight, Redwood is treating the entire homecoming court to a limo ride out to an Italian restaurant before they make their way to the homecoming dance.