Threats of violence cause lack of participation in lunch volleyball tournament

Grace Bouton

Annual lunch volleyball tournament delayed leaving balls in storage.
Annual lunch volleyball tournament delayed, leaving balls in storage.

For the last 22 years, students of all grades, genders and varying levels of experience have prepared to take the south lawn for a lunch time volleyball tournament. However, even though this year Redwood’s population has reached its highest level in the last 25 years, for the first time in over two decades, not enough teams have signed up.

In past years, 16 teams have participated and some of the players were from the varsity girls’ and boys’ volleyball teams. This year, only two teams have signed up for the tournament. According to Mike Dibley, a P.E. teacher who organizes the event each year, the tournament is most likely not going to happen. He also gave his insight as to why there is a sudden lack of participation.

“The usual start of the year with the bomb threat and shooting threat might have been distractions,” said Dibley.

Jacob Zimmerman, a senior boys’ varsity player and two year past participant, attributed the lack of teams to bad publicity of the event.

“I didn’t even know [the volleyball tournament] was happening,” Zimmerman said.

A teammate of Zimmerman, junior Mitchell Zucker and two time participant, talked about the fun he had and the exposure the lunchtime tournament brought for the boys’ varsity team.

“As a boys’ volleyball team in Marin, we don’t get a lot of fans coming to our games so because everyone’s in the area, they get to see us play which is kinda cool,” Zucker said.

Zucker also spoke of the distractions the threats this year brought as well as the lack of advertising of the event. He thinks these are the for reasons of the shortages of teams.

“Redwood TV said [the details of the tournament] were posted but they weren’t posted until the following week. Also the distractions at Redwood recently [caused low participation],” Zucker said.

If more teams sign up, the tournament will be delayed.
However, if not, the tournament will be cancelled this year.