Girls’ softball endures their first loss of the season against San Marin

Sylvana Perczek

After a closely contested game, the girls’ varsity softball team was defeated 2-0 on Thursday in a game against San Marin. Due to this upset, Redwood is now seated in second place (9-1) behind San Marin in MCAL.

With an encouraging start, junior Morgen Baker-Celis threw solid pitches that gave San Marin a tough time getting runs. But, at the end of the fourth inning, San Marin hit a homerun, stunning the crowd. Sophomore outfielder Kamalei Kaleikini tried to retrieve the ball, but it landed far away on Redwood’s lacrosse field.

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In the fifth inning, Redwood attempted to pick up the running deficit. The Giants were motivated to recover from the Mustang’s home run, but it wasn’t enough to translate into runs, and the score remained the same at the end of the fifth inning.

“After the home run, we all had trouble getting back into the game. As long as we kept our energy up we knew we could do it. The biggest struggle was pushing through,” said junior second baseman Annie Connors.

Throughout the entire game the Redwood players were very supportive of one another, filling the cages with loud screams and focused faces.

San Marin’s freshman Alexis Bishop had many strikes and possible hits, but they were always high enough to be caught by an opposing player. By the end of the game she managed to get one solid and powerful hit which helped the Mustangs win the game.

“I expected a lot of inside pitches against us. But that didn’t end up happening throughout the game. The pitcher really defeated most of us but ever since our first game we’ve been improving a lot as a team,” Bishop said.

According to Connors, as a whole Redwood gave it their all and most of all as a team allowed for some solid moments. The Giant’s next game is at Drake High School on Thursday, April 27.