Local Congressman presents to students

Luke Dahlin

Redwood students were granted the opportunity Thursday to meet Congressman Jared Huffman, the congressional representative for California’s Second District, which includes the counties of Marin, Sonoma and Humboldt.

Huffman came to Redwood and spoke in the Kreps Lounge in front of students and faculty about himself as a politician, his role within the community as congressman and what the future of the country holds.

Principal David Sondheim believes that having a local representative is both a rare and informative experience to have at school, and is something always worth having available for students.

Huffman's presentation proved an opportune experience for students in attendance
Huffman’s presentation proved an opportune experience for students in attendance

“I think that [Huffman’s presentation] allows our students to better understand the workings of our government,” Sondheim said. “I also think that having him at Redwood allows for students’ voices to be heard by our representatives.”

Junior Eamon Rogan, who attended the presentation, believed that it was a valuable learning experience for students.

“I think, first, it opens your eyes to the public issues. At Redwood, most kids are just focused on their school work and to see that presentation it is sort of a new experience of learning,” Rogan said.

Rogan valued the emphasis Huffman put on how being in office means working to help the people that elected him.

“He’s involved in the community he represents, and it seems like he actually cares about solving issues and helping people within the community,” Rogan said. “It makes me more interested in politics after hearing how it works and the change it can make.”

Sondheim also hopes that Huffman’s presentation humanizes politicians.

“I would hope that [after the presentation] students better understand that our representatives, congresspeople and up to the president, are just people,” Sondheim said.