Boys’ Lacrosse advances in dominant win over Justin-Siena

Luke Dahlin

From the get-go, the boys’ varsity lacrosse team took it to Justin-Siena in the semi-final of the MCAL playoffs, prevailing 17-7.

In a full-offensive assault in the first quarter, Redwood maintained possession for nearly all 12 minutes, and  jumped out to a menacing 7-1 lead.

“We just wanted to gain momentum going into the finals, so we wanted to play the best we could and kind of get into our rhythm,” said junior midfielder Cameron Breck.

Sophomore Brendan Hackett receives pass from midfielder Jack Elders

Though the game developed as a blowout early on, Justin-Siena managed to execute a minor resurgence in the fourth quarter, scoring three consecutive goals to narrow the lead to to a margin of nine.

Until Justin Siena’s late-game run, Redwood’s defense was solid across the board, limiting the Braves to three goals in the first half. The team’s success can be largely attributed to a spectacular performance from junior goalie Cosmo Taylor.

“We played good defense and got the ball moving on offense,” Breck said. “We controlled the ball between the lines.”

Redwood’s successful turnovers and quick ball transitions to midfielders allowed for players like Jack Elders, who converted six of the team’s goals, and midfielder Cole Schneider to perform at a high caliber.  

The team’s next game is the MCAL final at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, May 6, against Marin Catholic.

Junior midfielder Cameron Breck fights through the scrum for possession of the ball