Redwood remains undefeated despite Novato’s improved defense

Addison Brady

The boys’ volleyball team dominated Novato in yesterday afternoon’s match at home to continue their undefeated streak. Although Redwood won in three games, Novato showed improvement on its defensive game, managing to keep rallies with the ferocious outside hitters of Redwood.

Two attempted spikes by Senior Nate Orwig is outmatched by Novato’s strong block.





[vimeo id=”159845893″ size=”small”]



After the block by Novato, Redwood follows up with a monstrous spike by Orwig.





[vimeo id=”159845805″ size=”small”]


After Redwood gained momentum, there was no looking back for the Giants as Orwig records the ace in the final period.




[vimeo id=”159845771″ size=”small”]



Communicative defense from Redwood translates into various offensive plays for the Giants.




[vimeo id=”159845533″ size=”small”]



Finally, Junior Brendan winters serves up the game point for the Giants’ fourth win of the season.





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