Career Conversation series thrives in its fourth year

Amanda Trusheim

The annual Career Conversations series began again on Jan. 11 for the fourth consecutive year in an attempt to continue inspiring and educating students about career opportunities from professionals in the community.  

Three days a week, selected parents donate their time to educate students about their respective professions. A variety of unique jobs are represented each week, ranging from neurosurgeons to cookbook authors.  

“We try to get a cross-cut of different careers,” said College and Career specialist Paula Vantrease, who coordinates the speakers. “We don’t want to focus just in one area.”

Vantrease, along with internship coordinator Greg Davison and Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) board members, work in collaboration with students to provide speakers from desired professions.  

So far, this year’s series of Career Conversations has been incredibly successful in comparison to past years. The first and second conversations of the year, which took place on Jan. 11 and 12, had a much higher attendance rate than expected. Close to 30 students stopped in to each one, a significant difference when compared to the first year of Career Conversations, when any student attendance was rare.  

In hopes of keeping attendance high this year, a raffle is being introduced for students that participate in the Career Conversations opportunity. Each time a student attends a meeting, their name is entered into a raffle which could win them a gift card when the series is over.  

According to Vantrease, if the raffle is what it takes to get students to attend, she will still be satisfied.  

“If that’s the reason, they still learned about a different career, so I’m pleased,” she said.

Career Conversations are offered Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at lunch in the College and Career Center (Room 111).  A list of upcoming speakers is posted on the Redwood website as well as announced in weekly homeroom.  For more information, contact Paula Vantrease in room 111.