Juniors sweep staff in Turkey Dodgeball Tournament

Annie Fogarty

The junior class swept the staff in the Turkey Dodgeball Tournament, winning all three dodgeball games on Tuesday at lunch.

Last year the Turkey Bowl, the traditional flag football game, was converted into a dodgeball game due to rainy conditions. Though this year the weather was clear, tournament administrators opted to continue the new tradition, hosting the Second Annual Turkey Dodgeball tournament. The match was refereed by experienced dodgeball referee, Mike Dibley.


After gathering for team huddles, the opposing teams lined the baselines. Fifteen staff members uniformed in clean white positioned themselves defensively, while over 20 juniors dressed in red were stanced to sprint to the midline.

The juniors sprinted out at the blow of the whistle, snatching all the balls.. Softball player Sabrina Nunez succeeded in several hits immediately, leading the staff team to quickly dwindle, helping juniors quickly take the first game.

Benched players joined in the second round and more balls were added, speeding up the pace of the game. Baseball player Henry Zeisler and football player Alex Wilson stood out with quick reflexes and fast throws.

At the end of the final, there was a faceoff between several juniors and counselor Ian Scott. Although Scott managed to make a few successful dodges, the juniors ultimately hit him to win the second match.

Though the staff lost, they are looking forward to their upcoming dodgeball match against the seniors on today at lunch.

“Tough loss, no worries. We got a lot of practice for our game against the seniors, tomorrow,” Minhondo said after the loss.