California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom speaks to Redwood students

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California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom speaks to Redwood students

Greer Gurewitz

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California Lieutenant Governor and Redwood alumnus Gavin Newsom spoke to students in science teacher Skip Lovelady’s room Friday afternoon.

Lovelady and Newsom are friends and met through Newsom’s first business venture, PlumpJack Winery.

Lovelady invited Newsom to speak in his classroom during first period when his Honors Biomedical Sciences class is held, and Newsom agreed.

Lovelady’s Honors Biomedical Sciences class was not the only one present for Newsom’s speech— other teachers including Government teacher Ted Brown and Physics teacher David Nash brought their first period classes to hear Newsom speak.

Students crammed into the room sitting in chairs, on desks, and standing around the periphery of the room to listen to Newsom.

Before beginning to speak, Newsom asked the students “what’s on your minds?” and structured his allotted speaking time around what students wanted to hear about.

Newsom covered his views and history with the topics of gay marriage, marijuana legalization, University of California and California State University systems’ tuition hikes, incarceration, income inequality, and climate change in the state of California.

Since graduating from Redwood in 1985, Newsom was a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from 1997 to 2004, Mayor of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011, and as the incumbent Lieutenant Governor of California, he plans to run for the position of California Governor in the 2018 elections.