Dynamic Duos: Edition 1 – Middle infielders


Addison Brady

Top of the 7th. One out. The tying run is at first base. Shortstop Devon Pence takes one quick look of acknowledgement to his left at the second baseman Riley Overend and they’re ready.

A hard grounder up the middle triggers Pence to scamper to his left. He fields the ball and without hesitation flips it to Overend, knowing he will be covering the base. In a fluid motion, Overend catches, steps on second base, transfers the ball to his throwing hand, and throws the runner out at first for the game-ending double play.

The two sprint off the field and perform their signature celebration.

With this season being Overend’s first as a varsity starter, Pence finds it easier to play well with someone who he is close with on and off the field. He claims he plays more relaxed when he knows Overend is by his side, and taking advice becomes easier and more helpful coming from a friend, not just a teammate. The duo has taken on a roll of being the leaders and playmakers with Pence being the leadoff hitter and Overend batting in the two spot. When playing a game, they remain focused and make sure to keep the team on track, while still laughing and having fun.

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With their close relationship, a competitive nature comes along with being the middle infielders and friends. Pence and Overend challenge each other and set goals to make less errors and perform better at the plate. When one is playing better, it motivates the other to play up to their ability. Their competitiveness comes down to every little aspect of the game, setting an example for the rest of the team.

[vimeo id=”https://vimeo.com/123348016″ size=”small” align=”center”]

The two have carried Redwood to an 8-1 start due in part to Overend’s MCAL leading .517 batting average, to go along with Pence’s impressive .350 average, and highlight plays on defense.