Superintendent to resign from new job

Lucy Tantum

Laurie Kimbrel will be resigning from her new job in Chicago in the wake of controversies that have shaken her tenure as Tam District superintendent.

Kimbrel has requested to be released from her three-year contract with District 113 in the Chicago area, the district’s Human Resources representative wrote in an email on Saturday afternoon. Kimbrel was scheduled to begin the job on July 1.

In January, Kimbrel announced her plans to resign from the Tam District at the end of the school year. She accepted a position as superintendent of District 113.

This announcement follows a cascade of controversies that began when a Tam District parent alleged that Kimbrel and her husband had harassed him through online comments. Kimbrel’s husband has confessed to posting the comments, though the superintendent denies her involvement.

Purported connections between Kimbrel and a search firm have also raised questions. The search firm, where Kimbrel had been hired as an “associate,” worked with District 113 to find a new superintendent. However, Kimbrel said that she severed ties with the firm before she applied for the superintendent position.

Some staff members at District 113 had expressed worries about these controversies, the Chicago Tribune reported on Sunday. Marty Esgar, president of the District 113 Education Association, told the Tribune that many teachers wanted a “fresh start.”

“The staff, overall, will be happy we don’t have to start under a cloud,” Esgar told the Tribune.