Dodgeball tournament draws large crowd

Luke Dahlin

Tension rose as the crowd gathered around the gym’s basketball court on Friday night, as two teams battled to become the champions of this year’s Friday Night Live Dodgeball tournament.

The team “The Big Rippers” ultimately won for the second consecutive year, defeating the team “Premature E-Smack-Ulators” in a thrilling one-on-one final game. Thirty teams, each comprised of five to six members, participated in the dodgeball tournament, which was organized by Friday Night Live (FNL), a club that aims to provide alternatives to teenage drinking.

“The Big Rippers,” led by juniors Nate Orwig and Nolan Cassidy, were undefeated as they surged into the finals.

Team “Premature E-Smack-Ulators” was powered by seniors Giorgio Cico, Riley Overend, and Nate Flax.

Friday Night Live, advised by teacher Jonathan Hirsch, is a club that encourages students to spend their weekends substance-free.

“Anything you want to do on a Friday night alcohol-free, we want to help you do it, Hirsch said, addressing teams before the tournament.

Orwig commented on the success of the club.

“When schools try to endorse sobriety, I consider it a false prophecy because it’s often ineffective,” Orwig said. “But FNL is such a special club. Students get excited and are enthusiastic to participate.”

A fierce tournament from the start, the semifinals included the “#Wetsky,” a team led by seniors LaRon Bullock and Elliot Dean, and the “Multiple Scoregasms,” powered by junior Parker Laret.

“Friday Night Live is special. It keeps teenagers out and away from dangerous situations while still giving them the chance to have a good time,” said sophomore Eric Ahern, a member of the “Tune Squad.”