Desk Jams: Edition 11 – Stephanie Oh

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Senior Stephanie Oh performs on the violin.

Advice to your freshman self

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Ray James Karl Tietze James Ingledew Naina Vyas Riley Dow and Ryan Stiles Ruby Rawlinson Garret Aubert Marisa Robinow

Redwood wins annual Tri-School Poetry Slam

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Jazz music lulled in the background as Redwood, Tam and Drake parents and students filed into the Little Theater for the annual Tri-School Poetry Slam on May 18. Viewers waited eagerly as the lights dimmed and the emcee stepped on stage in anticipation of a night filled with creative thinking and animated speech. The eight […]

Desk Jams Edition 10: Max Lukianchikov

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Senior Max Lukianchikov discusses his passion for guitar and why music is important to him. Lukianchikov is a part of the Redwood band “Canopy”.

Desk Jams: Drum Battle Edition

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Desk Jams: Drum Edition features drummers John Van Liere and Karl Tiezte performing improvised solos.

The Walk

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Any given morning at 7:20 a.m., as one student boards her bus on Paradise Drive, another student will step off of his bus from Marin City. Both will ride on Marin Transit and both woke up earlier than they’d wish.

Longboarding excites thrill-seeking students

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Gliding down a hill at 40 miles per hour has become commonplace for some Redwood thrill-seekers. Junior Jordan Stern became interested in longboarding during his freshman year, and has since become increasingly passionate about the sport.   “I was never really into skateboarding,” Stern said. “I was watching videos online, and a longboarding video came […]

From the court to the classroom: Special Olympics Unified Sports League hosts first game

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On the court: The new Special Olympics Unified Sports League held their first unified basketball game during Game Night on Jan. 29. According to Special Education teacher Katie Peter, the game was a success and the Special Olympics club is in the midst of planning for future unified sporting events. A glimpse inside room 116: The Special […]

The Neglected Killer

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 By Annie Forsman and Adam Kreitzman A Daunting Dilemma Redwood alumnus Matthew Lewin lay silently as paralysis overcame him. Incapacitated, he waited helplessly as an emergency room doctor applied Neostigmine, in the form of a nasal spray, to reverse the paralysis. Lewin had just been a guinea pig in his own experiment, one aimed toward […]

Desk Jams: Edition 9 – Noa Zimmerman

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Desk Jams, edition 9, features Junior Noa Zimmerman on the guitar. She has recently released her third album, self titled Noa Zimmerman, a blend of her vocal and acoustic talents. Noa Zimmerman (album): Applemusic, Spotify.