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Matthew Smalbach is a junior at Redwood High School and is a Sports editor for The Redwood Bark. He enjoys writing, football and baseball.

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Misplacement of students in SAGE is unacceptable

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Every student at Redwood is required to take a class in economics in order to graduate. In fact, it is required to have a semester of both government and economics in order to attend a University of California (UC) or California State University. According to the University of California, over 210,000 students from California attended […]

The Red Report

The Red Report: Episode 1

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Welcome to the first episode of The Red Report. The Red Report is a bi-weekly podcast that recaps recent events at Redwood High School. The views expressed in this podcast are the opinions of those involved and do not reflect the entirety of the Redwood Bark staff. In this episode the topics discussed include the […]

Struggling with identity is common among minorities, especially when surrounded by a white culture.

Understanding the identity struggle of minority transfer students

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Vietnamese senior Dana Nguyen picks up her remote control to turn on the television. Immediately, a cast of white actors fills her screen. She changes the channel; still, not a single minority is represented. Frustrated, she shuts off the TV and focuses her attention on the cover of the magazine next to her, which shows […]

Textbooks over tablets

Reinventing learning: it’s time for tablets

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At Redwood, sometimes it feels like there is so much pressure to succeed―to learn better, to learn more, to learn faster. This pressure, however, does not need to be as significant as it currently is because there is an easy, cost-effective solution that could help students at Redwood learn more quickly and efficiently: replacing textbooks […]

Freshman Samantha Glickman tries to prevent a Drake goal early in the second half

Girls’ JV lacrosse cruises past Drake after tough loss

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After a disappointing one-goal loss late Tuesday afternoon against Acalanes, the girls’ JV lacrosse team cruised to a 10-5 win over Drake on Wednesday evening to preserve their undefeated MCAL record. Freshman Graciana Ratto led the way with four goals, including three in a row to start the second half. Redwood jumped out to an […]