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China is a senior at Redwood and is super excited to be a part of Bark. She bikes to school because parking is a nightmare and likes to think that seaweed is the solution to the food crisis. Additionally, she likes to spend her free time helping old folks with technology.

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Editor-in-Chief Farewell: China Granger

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I can regurgitate some vague, generic advice like “always be yourself” or “think, feel, act” or “find your shovel.” I could even offer some more specific, personal ways to make the most of high school and Marin (for example: Take a history class, because, hey, history is super important. Go outside because Marin is gorgeous […]

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Panda Express: a cheap, easy recipe for misconception

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Standing on the South Lawn, holding the sweet, delicate cookie, my mind conjures up images of my mother and me in a kitchen, cramped with three generations of Chinese women, folding succulent pork dumplings and gossiping in Mandarin—our native tongue. The Fortune Cookie, bearing a small piece of parchment commonly engraved with the words of […]


Redwood student arrested in bomb threat investigation

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In an email sent shortly before 4:00 p.m. on Friday Sept. 29, Principal David Sondheim forwarded a press release by the Central Marin Police Authority (CMPA), informing the Redwood community that a 17-year old male senior had been arrested in connection to the bomb threat made on Sept. 19, and is now facing multiple charges. […]

Students and staff were notified about the graffitied threat, forcing administration to  determine its legitimacy.

Updated: School shooting threat leaves community conflicted over following day’s attendance

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On Thursday, Sept. 28, students and staff were notified of a message in a stall in a girls’ bathroom threatening that a school shooting would occur the next day at Redwood. At approximately 1 p.m., students brought the graffiti to the attention of the administration, according to Assistant Principal Saum Zargar. Following the report, the […]

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Alternative “Pathways” offers real-world experience

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Last year, as a Redwood junior, Carly Ball realized that despite being at school seven hours a day, five days a week and with many of the same students, she rarely felt comfortable enough to learn. Ball realized, that for her, a traditional school setting was not conducive to learning. She decided she couldn’t spend […]

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The bees and their condition

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Local beekeepers discuss the deteriorating condition of the Marin County bee population. While describing the environmental threats on the bee population such as mites, pesticides and loss of habit, they also share the personal challenges they have faced while keeping their hives. Though beekeeping has become increasingly difficult, the passionate beekeepers are motivated to protect […]


Legendary coach honored through memorial game

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The initials “GC” spray-painted around the field were impossible to miss. They were stenciled on the bleachers, inside the dugouts, on first base and on home plate. A cloth banner with the letters was hung beneath the scoreboard, each letter four feet tall. It was a small tribute to the enormous impact that legendary coach […]

Left to right, senior Ali Lee, junior Grace Marshall, senior Sabrina Nunez, junior Cami Klemme cheering on their teamates

After shaky start, memorial game ends in heartwarming victory

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On Thursday, community members gathered to watch the varsity softball team play Tam in its first home league game. The game was dedicated to Casassa, who coached the team for 27 seasons. “We are playing for [Casassa] today, but everyday we play for him,” said junior and starting pitcher Morgen Celis. “By playing on the field […]