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Carolyn is a junior this year and is the review editor for the Bark. She spends most of her free time in Stinson, playing soccer, and hanging out with her friends. Life is good.

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Stapleton’s ‘The Nutcracker’ showcases Redwood dancers

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Stapleton School of the Performing Arts’ production of “The Nutcracker” was showed for its 29th consecutive year at the Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium from Nov. 29 through Dec. 3. The timeless performance was showcased six times throughout the weekend. The performance featured several Redwood students including junior Delilah Mittermaier, who took on the roles of […]


Behind the Bars: Exploring the Prison System

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The dimly lit room is alive with love. A woman feeds her husband french fries. A father throws his daughter above his head, she squeals with delight. A couple poses for a picture in front of a waterfall mural, staring affectionately into each other’s eyes. Siblings chat about current family drama. Hand-in-hand, another young couple […]


Point-Counterpoint: seniority vs. unity

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Point-counterpoint: seniority vs. unity Seniority is what keeps Redwood tradition alive By Carolyn French The first time I walked into a Redwood rally, my heart stopped. Giant crowds of people I’d never seen before pushed me through the doors into a room of overwhelmingly deafening screams and music that was taboo in middle school. I […]


Junior ranked first in the nation for the 3000 meters

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As junior Gillian Wagner crosses the finish line at any of her track meets, her teammates and spectators go wild. She is congratulated as she walks away with a first place title, but a first-place finish is not an anomaly in her running career. Taking home the win has become a norm for Wagner. Wagner […]

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RNL captures attention with glowing games

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The football field glowed yellow and green as students ran across the 50-yard line. Dark bodies, contoured by glow sticks circling their necks, dodged each other as they raced toward a luminescent flag on the opposite end of the field. Glow-in-the-dark capture the flag had begun. Redwood Night Live (RNL), a club that aims to […]


Whisk and Skillet’s tasty options satisfy with every bite

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Whisk and Skillet, a daytime eatery located in Strawberry, opened on Feb. 15. The new spot serves breakfast and lunch until 4 p.m., providing a high quality and nutritious meal available beyond typical breakfast hours. The new addition to Strawberry mall is founded by Norman Lou, who is the owner of Marin’s popular Asian cuisine […]


Wiggins dances through life

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Junior Victoria Wiggins has been dancing all her life. For her, it is a source of energy, making it hard to keep herself from making a move when she hears music. Wiggins, who moved to Marin last school year, primarily dances hip-hop. Her skills don’t just come from the studio—as of now, she isn’t taking […]


Family business: Junior follows brother’s footsteps toward greatness

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The name Dow has become a staple in the Redwood wrestling world over the past few years. Perhaps this is due to the success of junior Spencer Dow, or maybe it is because of the success of Spencer’s older brother, Riley, who placed second in NCS as a senior last year and continued on to […]


Netflix original revives childhood favorite book series

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“I would advise all of you watching to turn away immediately, and watch something more pleasant.” That is what Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events” narrator Lemony Snicket (Patrick Warburton), the pseudonym of the book’s author, Daniel Handler, tells the audience as he begins depicting the story of the Baudelaire siblings and their tragic lives. […]


‘Doctor Strange’ portrays Cumberbatch’s usual range

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Mind-boggling special effects, riveting action, and Marvel’s typical comic relief blend together nicely in “Doctor Strange,” an atypical addition to the Marvel cinematic universe in comparison to previous Marvel films. The reality-bending nature of this superhero story provides a truly captivating experience. In the two days since “Doctor Strange” was released, its international revenues have […]