Music department prepares for Night of Swing

Julia Cherner

Night of Swing, an evening filled with music, dinner, and dancing, will occur on Nov. 8 in the cafeteria from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Jazz Band A rehearses for the upcoming Night of Swing, on Nov. 8.
Jazz Band A rehearses for the upcoming Night of Swing, on Nov. 8.

The swing performance put on by students involved in the music department’s jazz band costs $35 for dinner and dance and $15 for just the dance.

“It’s like Prom but cheaper, classier, and more fun,” said senior, Rayna Saron, who will play the trombone at the event.

Night of Swing is similar to last year’s Night of Blues however some changes will be made.

“What’s different is last year we had more modern, popular music the entire time, but we’re going to have that only for the first hour, and the second hour is really just big band music from the ‘40s,” said sophomore, Delaney Benstead.

Kate Anderson, who will play saxophone at the event, said, “This year we’ve decided to make it a little bit more formal, specifically so that we could encourage more parents to come. In the past we’ve been pretty happy with the student turnout, which is really great and it’s a nice way to show our passion for music to our peers, but we also want to make sure the parents feel involved and included.”

The students have been preparing for the performance since the beginning of the year and practice weekly for three hours after school. Along with the changes in music and dress, dinner has also been added to the event.

Alison Wood, a sophomore and trombonist in the event described what Night of Blues was like for her last year as a freshman. “I expected a typical music concert where people sit down and watch the musicians play, but what surprised me was the amount of people dancing.”