Registration for classes opens early this year

Caroline Fogarty

Although spring semester has just begun, students are already planning their schedules for next fall.

Online class registration and course selection sheets for next fall are due on Feb. 15 this year, about half a year before the classes will begin.

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“It seems like scheduling season creeps up earlier and earlier each year,” counselor Jeffery David said.

According to David, this is part of an effort to match the rest of the district and allow teaching schedules to be created earlier.  It will give department heads a more time to designate teaching assignments.
“In the past, teachers go into summer still not quite sure what classes they will teach,” English teacher, Steve Hettleman, said.

Teachers began their recruitment efforts for certain classes right after winter break.  Graphic Design students created posters reading “Art Elective? Sign up for Graphic Design” to advertise.  Teachers began to promote options in their field for the next year.

“We’ll visit classrooms to give instruction towards the end of January this year, starting early will help this whole process become more organized,” David said.

According to David these small group meetings will help clear up questions about classes and requirements making it so that less students will need to see their counselors individually.

The counseling department presented to freshman English classes, sophomore P.E. classes, and junior U.S. History classes the week of Jan. 21.

The meetings and tests for AP and honors classes started Jan. 25 and continue until the end of February.