60th Annual Athletic Banquet celebrates seniors’ sports achievements

Natalia Lazor

The walls, clad with pennants earned by athletes, exhibit the successes of various teams.
The walls, clad with pennants earned by athletes, exhibit the successes of various teams.

On Monday, May 14, the Redwood High School Benchwarmers hosted the 60th annual senior awards banquet. The banquet was held at the Embassy Suites in San Rafael and welcomed all senior varsity athletes to recognize them for their achievements.

Athletic Director Jessica Peisch served as the master of ceremonies and explained the purpose of the banquet.

“It’s just a moment for them to feel like they accomplished athletics in high school and are ready to close this chapter,” Peisch said.

Peisch was named North Coast Section Athletic Director of the Year in April at the California State Athletic Directors Association Banquet, and was thanked by many of the coaches for her contributions to the athletics department.

Over the duration of the banquet, there were 21 athletic teams called onto the podium, and various individual awards were presented as well.

Senior Spencer Dow was a recipient of two awards: MCAL wrestler of the year and the Marin Athletic Foundation award.

Dow said he was happy about being awarded the recognitions.

“I won the Marin Athletic Foundation award in recognition of athletic involvement, scholarship, leadership, department and school and community involvement,” Dow said. “Being male student athlete of the year for Redwood, that’s really awesome. To be named, I was quite pleasantly surprised, but I’m really proud of it.”

Jennifer Tippett, two year president of the Benchwarmers Board, worked with district parents and other volunteers to host the banquet.

“It totally takes a village. There are so many people that touch this but primarily I’ve got two gals that are also Benchwarmers board members, Holly Welch and Diana Miller, who have been the foremen on making sure this comes together and they did a really good job this year,” Tippett said.

Behind the scenes, the Benchwarmers ensure that athletic teams have the equipment necessary for each sport and even cover expenses such as tournament fees and buses for away games.

Tippett said that the function of the Redwood Benchwarmers program.

“[It] is to make sure that our athletes have everything they need to be competitive and to be safe and to enjoy their experience at Redwood as athletes,” Tippett said.

Principle David Sondheim approached Tippett to thank her as the night wrapped up.

Senior Catherine Jensen beams alongside her parents while holding up her coaches award.
Senior Catherine Jensen beams alongside her parents while holding up her Coaches award.

“There are people who make a difference in everything they do as they walk through a place and that is what you do,” Sondheim said to Tippett.

Senior Catherine Jensen took home the Coaches award given to her for exemplary attitude and commitment. Jensen was honored to be recognized amongst so many other talented athletes.

“It’s super fun to see all the athletes, [such] amazing ones as well,” Jensen said.

With the help of the Benchwarmers, administration and athletes, this year’s banquet was a success according to Tippett.

“I just want everyone’s experience as an athlete at Redwood to feel like you’re a part  of something that’s bigger than you are,” Tippett said.