Junior arrested for weapons violation on school campus

Olivia Dominguez

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A Redwood junior was arrested for a weapons violation on school campus Monday afternoon after the police received a tip from Redwood’s confidential tip line.

At 3:10 p.m. the Central Marin Police Authority (CMPA) was notified of the violation by Redwood authorities after the school received an anonymous tip that a student had an “unregistered gun for sale” in his car.

The CMPA found a disassembled antique shotgun without ammunition in the student’s car. Since there was no ammunition, the CMPA has concluded that there was no immediate threat to students or staff.

The student said that he received the gun from a relative and was taking the gun to get it cleaned.

Redwood Principal David Sondheim stated that the CMPA as well as the Redwood administration are “taking appropriate next steps with the student and family.”

The 17-year-old has been taken into custody and is booked at Juvenile Hall for possession of a firearm on school grounds.