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Rachel is a junior. She loves the beach, napping outdoors in the sun, and cooking delicious and weird food. She hates cold weather and loves coffee.

Contact Rachel Schten: rschten@redwoodbark.org.

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Masters of Danger Op Doc

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Minute by minute. Day by day. Tree by tree. Local San Rafael company Treemasters deals in the business of eradicating dead or unwanted trees, and all of the perils that tag along with it. However for these “industrial athletes,” going to work everyday, amid the dangers, still feels as important and exciting as it once […]

Staring triumphantly out at her bamboo forest home, Mei Mei climbs a tree for the first time.

“Born In China” presents layered meaning through vivid imagery

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Ya Ya, a giant panda, gazes adoringly at her daughter Mei Mei who is nestled among the fluffy black and white fur of her belly. Mei Mei yawns, showing her tiny, pink, toothless mouth and scrunching up her eyes. The mother and daughter exist in tranquility in a lush bamboo forest that, in the fall, […]

Bending over to lace up his Yeezy's, senior Aaron Gold's passion for unique sneakers has lead his to discover an entire, little-known industry

Reselling merchandise is both a passion and and industry

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Even senior Aaron Gold’s friends don’t understand his passion for buying and reselling limited edition shoes. They think it’s as simple as buying some sneakers and then selling them off for more than they’re worth. For Gold, however, shoe resale is both a lucrative business and an enthralling hobby. “‘You must be some spoiled kid […]

Traveling the country as a stand-up comedian, Maz Jobrani addresses subjects ranging from fatherhood to Islamophobia in his routines.

Avenue of Giants inductees hail from diverse fields

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The recently announced Redwood distinguished alumni class of 2017 was honored alongside the alumni class of 2016 on Friday Mar. 3 at the Avenue of Giants banquet hosted at the McInnis Club House Restaurant. This year’s class of 2017 inductees represent a diverse array of talent in a variety of industries including entertainment, geology and […]

Speaking on behalf of her father who was inducted posthumously, David Dukes (class of 1963)'s daughter Annie came to represent her father at the banquet.

Distinguished alumni honored at Avenue of Giants induction banquet

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On March 3, the Redwood Distinguished Alumni class of 2017 was honored alongside the alumni class of 2016 at the Avenue of Giants induction banquet hosted at the McInnis Club House Restaurant. The distinguished alumni are graduates who are recognized for demonstrating excellence in their field and who have made a positive impact in their […]

Putting their hands in, the girls' varsity basketball team starts the game off with a loud cheer.

Late game free throw ties up game, win proves elusive

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After trailing for the entire game, the Giants were brought within one point of their opponent by junior Zoe Stachowski. The score was 47-46 with a little more than a minute left in the final quarter. Stachowski stepped up to the line for a free throw after being fouled on her shot. Despite loud heckling […]

Dribbling quickly around the perimeter of the three point line, Senior Chris Kress looks for the inside pass to break Drake's defense.

Reis’ high pressure free throws secure victory over Drake

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Senior Charlie Reis led the Giants to a narrow victory over Drake on Friday night, scoring 26 of Redwood’s 56 points. Reis dominated under the hoop, making many of his points off of rebounds and lay-ups. However, Redwood’s win came with a fair share of tension and excitement. With less than 20 seconds on the […]

Acting as their unofficial supervisor, Dorothea Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) leads NASA's African American female computing division.

‘Hidden Figures’ leading ladies have stellar chemistry

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“Hidden Figures” combines the drama as well as the mathematical genius of “Imitation Game” with the energy, life and examination of civil rights issues in “The Help.” Based on a nonfiction book with the same title, “Hidden Figures” brings to life the long-neglected story of three brilliant African American women working for NASA during the […]

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Redwood alum speaks to Del Mar students about water pollution

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On Thursday, Dec. 8, Redwood alumnus Douglas Woodring spoke to students at Del Mar Middle School about protecting Earth’s waters from pollutants, particularly plastics. “We forgot about the ocean. We put pollution in. We let stuff go into it. We take all the fish out. We weren’t paying attention in the last forty years,” Woodring […]

Members of Amos' team bike there machine which recycles plastic from 3-D printed projects.

Redwood alum awarded for environmental activism

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Redwood graduate and current senior at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), William Amos, was recently recognized and awarded for his dedication to environmental action. On Oct. 18, Amos was one of the six recipients of the 2016 Brower Youth Awards. The Brower Youth Awards honor leaders of environmental activism in North America between the […]