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Eric Ahern /air-ick A-hurn/ noun 1. reporter for the Redwood Bark 2. asb president of Redwood High School 3. member of RHS Peer Resource 4. youth commissioner of Corte Madera Parks and Recreation 5. slinger of frozen yogurt at Mag's in Larkspur

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According to EPA.Gov, the Norway Rat is the most commonly found rodent in the United States.

Rodents at Redwood

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Students and teachers aren’t the only ones roaming these halls. According to Redwood custodians and other personnel, rodents have established their presence on campus. “I’m not an expert, but I’ve seen both [rats and mice], probably more mice than rats,” said Lead Custodian Tim Mullery. “Sometimes they’re brand new babies and the biggest one I’ve […]


Enlisting despite perceptions

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Following his graduation this June, senior Peter Cline is intent upon becoming a United States Army Ranger, a prestigious position that is obtained after months of rigorous training and assessment at Fort Benning, the large-capacity Army Base located in Georgia. “I’ll go to boot camp for 14 weeks, then I’ll go to Airborne for six weeks, […]


I want YOU to offer AP Gov

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If you are a student interested in English, you have options. For example, there’s AP Comp, AP Lit, Advanced Journalism, and more. You want to go to medical school? Perfect, as Redwood offers Honors Biomed and Physiology. You’re into photography? There’s AP Photo. Math? AP Calc. Languages? AP Spanish. The environment? APES. You’re passionate about […]


Author explores the lives of Marin teens

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For nearly all of us, Marin County is home. Marin is beautiful, Marin is affluent, Marin is educated and many would argue that there is no better place to grow up. However, at the same time, Marin is complex, Marin is materialistic and Marin is sheltered from the rest of the world. Author and Mill […]

Sophomore Miles Squires prepares to pass the ball in from the sidelines.

Varsity basketball bucks Broncos in home opener

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Only five and a half minutes into the game, senior Chris Kress had already racked up 12 of the Giants’ first 14 points. The varsity veteran’s performance in the first quarter was foreshadowing for Redwood’s strong performance in their 57-50 victory over Northgate on Saturday. Coming off of a 2015-16 season in which they had […]


System malfunction causes false fire alarm

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Moments before third period began on Monday, Nov. 7, a system malfunction caused a false fire alarm to ring out across campus, leading to the building evacuation of all students and faculty. According to assistant principal Brian Lynch, Monday’s alarm was a random error. Monday’s incident was reminiscent of alarm issues last year. Within a 12-day period last […]

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Don’t judge a ballot by its news coverage

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Believe it or not, the presidential election is not the only item on the ballot this Tuesday. If you religiously followed election news stories covered by large media outlets such as CNN, Fox News and the New York Times, you may not even know that there are other issues on which the American public has […]


Girls’ varsity volleyball sends Grizzlies into hibernation

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The Redwood gym would have erupted in cheers Tuesday night, had there been any volleyball fans present (excluding the unconditional attendance of parents and overly hyper little brothers). However, it seemed as if the student section was too preoccupied with college apps and Halloween candy overdoses to witness the girls’ varsity team stomp the visiting […]

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Point, Counter-Point: Kneeling for the anthem

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Point, Counter-Point: Kneeling for the anthem   It’s the anthem sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit, kneel or do anything but stand in honor during the national anthem has inspired thousands of professional and young athletes to do the same, while others argue that the unpatriotic protest is unproductive and disrespectful. Thus far, neither […]


Beyond the big top

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By Eric Ahern and Henry Tantum     As the September sun sinks behind Mount Tamalpais, the last golden rays of summer illuminate the blue structure standing tall in the usually desolate gravel lot across the street from The Village at Corte Madera shopping mall. Four wind-whipped American flags hang atop the canvas edifice as […]