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Caroline Cummings is a junior enjoying her first year on Bark. In her free time she loves to read, hike and spend time with friends and family.

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Filled with steak, lettuce and cilantro, the tacos de carne asada offer a fresh taste and delicious flavor, although they are price for teenagers at a cost of $15 for three tacos.

Tamal delivers delicious, pricey Mexican cuisine to Fairfax

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Marin’s new Mexican restaurant Tamal made it clear that it was not a restaurant for teenagers the minute a friend and I walked through the doors clad in shorts and tank tops. The look of bewilderment on the host’s face as he realized we wanted to eat dinner illustrated the more high-end atmosphere of the […]


Netflix’s ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival lives up to beloved original

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Full of empty coffee cups, small town charm, and the fast-paced banter that defined the original show, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” does not miss a beat in the premiere of this long awaited four-part revival. Staying true to the original plotline of the lives of a mom and a daughter who are […]

Netflix's hit series "Bloodline" features dark vibes to perfectly complement a rainy day mood.

Avoid the storm, stay warm with these rainy day activities

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The rainy season is approaching! The Bark decided to find the perfect way to spend the day indoors and avoid the gloom in your room. What to watch: The Netflix original series “Bloodline” is the perfect show to watch curled up on t he couch on a rainy day. Set in a Florida Keys community […]


Point, Counter-Point: Length of presidential term

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Point, Counter-Point: Length of presidential term   With the end of  President Obama’s second presidential term and the relative stagnation of political progress, the question comes up of the effectiveness of our current system for presidential terms. The possibility of serving one six-year presidential term has been a popular idea to potentially avoid the pitfalls of […]

CHAVA AND ISABEL sit by the soccer field after a death in the family

Opiniones de: programas en español de Netflix

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English Version Muchos espectadores no son conscientes de la gran variedad de series de español que ofrece Netflix y no saben cómo distinguir cuáles son las que valen la pena verlas. Para ayudar a evitar la sensación abrumadora por la infinidad de opciones, The Bark, tomó un vistazo a los programas de televisión en español […]

CHAVA AND ISABEL sit by the soccer field after a death in the family

Review: Best Spanish-language shows on Netflix

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Spanish Version Many viewers are not aware of the wide variety of Spanish-language series that Netflix has to offer and do not know how to distinguish which ones are worth watching. In order to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by the countless options, the Bark took a look at the Spanish TV shows with the […]


High rates of private tutoring prevalent due to benefits of extra help

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Students sit at tables, their math homework in front of them. But instead of sitting in silent confusion like they usually do at school, these students are doing something they are often too afraid to do in class: ask questions. And their questions are immediately answered by the private tutor working side by side with […]


Netflix series filming supports local economy

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The filming of the Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why” began in Marin in June, and is expected to continue through mid-October, according to Deborah Albre, Marin County’s film liaison. The community has felt both economic growth and social disparity due to the filming of the series. Based on the best-selling young adult novel of […]


‘War Dogs’ strikes right balance between comedy and drama

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“This isn’t about being pro-war. This is about being pro-money.” This quote summarizes the attitude of the two main characters of the film “War Dogs,” who find themselves caught in the middle of many ethical issues in the business of arms dealing. “War Dogs” is a comedic drama that weaves the  right amount of humor […]