Sustainable Agriculture: Harvesting plants and community

Sydney Liebhauser

A school of over 1,800 students can be chaotic for both students and teachers alike. But embedded in the craziness of Redwood’s daily life, on a small farm next to the amphitheater, a community is fostered. Joe Stewarts’ Sustainable Agriculture classes (SustAg) meet during three periods of the day to “grow sustainability through science, action, and community.” On block days, half of the class time is typically spent indoors learning the logistics behind the farm and the other half is spent outside applying the knowledge learned in the classroom. SustAg is one of the most interactive courses at Redwood where students partake in a variety of tasks, such as maintaining the organization of equipment, weeding, aerating and planting. Stewart guides the students in their farmwork, never leaving a student without a job or purpose during class time. From football players to art students, Sustainable Agriculture has a unique way of bringing Giants of all backgrounds and ambitions together. Since 2014, students have worked to keep the farm thriving, and hope to carry many of the older Sustainable Agriculture projects into the 2021 school year. Thanks to the Sustainable Agriculture class, students are able to grow both flourishing plants and a beautiful community.