What are Redwood’s favorite things to do during the holiday season?

Emma Lightfoot

As the coronavirus continues to progress throughout the winter season, all should take safety precautions in hopes of staying healthy. Currently, California is measuring COVID-19’s transmission through a metric system that includes color-coded tiers. The four tiers range from worst to best with purple being the first, red being the second, orange being the third and yellow being the fourth. Marin County has remained in the red tier, which represents substantial transmission with an average of four to seven cases out of 100,000 residents a day. However, Marin is the only county in the Bay Area that has been able to remain in this tier, as every other county went back or stayed in the purple tier. The purple tier represents widespread transmission with more than seven cases out of 100,000 residents a day. 

Due to this, many are unable to participate in regular holiday festivities, such as visiting extended family members, going to special holiday events and spending time with friends. Knowing that we are unable to celebrate the holidays in a way we normally would make it difficult to get into the holiday spirit. So, the Bark reached out to some of Redwood’s students and staff to spark some holiday cheer, asking them what their favorite thing to do during the holiday season is. Whether it is taking part in family traditions, baking sweet treats or giving gifts, Giants are making sure to create their own holiday fun. Though the coronavirus has altered our regular winter season and some of our favorite festivities, this doesn’t mean the holidays still can’t be celebrated.