Satire: Handbook knowledge Episode 1 With Peter Panters

Alex Johnson

In episode one of the new series “Underclassmen Knowledge,” I headed to the most populated underclassmen eating areas during lunch and tried my best to fool them. Using the stage name Peter Panters, I was able to get many unsuspecting freshmen and sophomores to fall for some absurd “rules” in the student handbook.

The premise of this series is to approach underclassmen at random and test their knowledge of the student handbook by asking them if they are familiar with the rules, regulations or policies that I have made up. Because there are so many chapters in this handbook, each episode in the series will be testing the knowledge of a specific section. For example, the first episode was all about attendance, the next episode will cover grading, the next will cover graduation and so on. Before filming, I wasn’t sure if these students were going to fall for my falsehoods, but to my surprise, about half of the people I interviewed went along with my charade.

This episode is filled with a variety of responses and variety of gullibility. Some interviewees were able to see right away that the questions were a joke and gave purposefully funny answers. However, the best reactions came when the interviewee became genuinely interested in the policy I was trying to deceive them with. Overall, making this video was a lot of fun and all viewers should expect an episode two on grading very soon!