Leadership spreads the love (and also fortune cookies)


Senior Leadership students Luna Zirpoli, Amelia Shunk and Jacqueline Massey-Blake (from left to right) pose, ready to hand out fortune cookies.

Amanda Morse


On Wednesday, Feb. 14, joyful music played outside of the school as students were greeted on their way into the building in celebration of Valentine’s Day. With a red carpet under their feet, students entered through the doors as the Leadership class cheered them on. Claps, high fives and chants resounded. Fortune cookies that included encouraging messages were also passed out to accompany the cheers. Leadership students waited outside different entrances to the school and walked throughout the parking lots passing out fortune cookies to students in their cars.

Inside the school, red banners signed by students and decorated with hearts were hung across the walls. Whether it was passing out fortune cookies, hyping up students as they walked in or dancing to the music, Leadership helped Redwood celebrate this holiday in many special ways.