Letter to the Editor: Senior’s call to respect the flag

Letter To Editor

Dear Bark Staff,

During the first rally this year, I was appalled at how most of the students present did not remove their hats and remain silent during the National Anthem.
I have never been extremely patriotic, but I have always been respectful by remaining silent and removing my hat. I just think it is extremely rude, disrespectful, and selfish of students to talk, joke, and leave their hats on during the National Anthem. It seems to me common courtesy to not do this.
For me, this letter is more personal because I am enlisted in the Marine Corps and I have friends who have served overseas. This perspective has allowed me to greater appreciate the sacrifices they make on an everyday basis. I believe the least we can do is stand quietly for five minutes during the rally.
I want to ask students to be more respectful and do the little things to recognize those who serve, defend, and protect our country.

-Henry Mesker