Beginning One Acts conclude EPiC fall performances

Kylie Kvam

Beginning Drama concluded its One Act performances this weekend with a final show on Dec. 5.

After weeks of preparation, the students of the Beginning Drama classes showcased their final projects, which were directed by Advanced Drama students.

The night began with a performance from the weekly night class, Dance Focus, which is taught by Peter Parish.

After the dance, 15 individual One Acts were performed. Each One Act was professionally written and then chosen by a student director to perform along with their cast.

Freshmen Margo McCullough and Avery Lodish participate in their One Act, titled “Phyllis and Xenobia”.

Junior student director Hanna Sweet began to coordinate her One Act, “Time Flies,” written by Daniel Ives, in mid-October. Sweet worked with her cast of two freshman, Lily Cohen and West Thompson, as well as a senior, Claire Karner, every day during class leading up to the show.

“It was really awesome to see the freshmen come out of their shells and put themselves out there in a way they’d never done before,” Sweet said.

The One Acts were held from Nov. 18-21 as well as from Dec. 2-5.

This year the plays were performed in room 306, rather than the Little Theater.

“The One Act performances were really full house, it was full every night so it may have been about the same number of people but in the theater the audience felt small,” Intermediate Drama teacher Britt Block said. “Because the space [room 306] is closer and more intimate, the acting could really fill up the space.”