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Simone Wolberg was born October 5th, 1998 and grabbed onto the nearest computer mouse. Her father was once an argumentative philosophy professor. Her mother was the first to jump into the Italian Embassy in 1990 to escape the Albanian Communist regime. Simone once aspired to be neither as pedantic as her father nor as impulsive as her mother. Her story-telling quest began with one of her first published podcasts, The Great Pumpkin Face-off. In middle school, Simone spent time on The Kent Falcon News as a reporter. After submitting a last-minute résumé, Simone became the only freshman admitted onto the Bark that year. She is in her fourth year on the Bark. In previous summers, Simone attended the California Scholastic Press Association's journalism workshop and a Georgetown University law course.

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Tackling ISIS online: Redwood alum and former NSA analyst impart thoughts on tactics

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Terrorism has a new face. It’s not just one enemy, but rather thousands hiding behind computer screens. Coders, hackers, and security analysts around the world are taking up digital arms in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS). Anonymous, a cyber activism organization, declared ‘war’ on ISIS following the Paris terrorist attacks in November. Since […]


Photo vault apps provide platform for child pornography, should be held responsible

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Hundreds of naked photos were exchanged between high school students at Cañon City High School in Colorado, prompting a felony investigation by police on Nov. 6. These photos were covertly stored and shared on phone applications known as “photo vaults,” disguised, in some cases, as calculator apps. By providing a distribution platform for what is […]

Clenching a black balloon, junior Kate Kiehfuss recites an original slam poem for the upcoming Advanced Drama production In a Nutshell.

Drama therapy alleviates emotional distress in teens, patients, and inmates

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In a 2010 production of the Sound of Music, senior Sofia Cassidy enters the stage as Maria, singing a cheerful melody, smiling wide. She forgets her troubles and thoughts of her parent’s divorce. In that moment, she is just Maria. “My parent’s divorce hit me really hard,” Cassidy said. “Going on stage, singing such happy […]

gender gap coding

Gender divide persists in coding classes, revives call for updated tech. requirement

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Out of 76 computer programming students at Redwood, only 13 are girls. There are 15 students in AP Computer Science A, none of whom are girls. Technology teachers William Crabtree and David Goldsmith believe this gender divide is perpetuated by a failure of district leadership. Three years ago, the Tamalpais Union High School District dropped […]

Stem cell infographic

“Master cells” may hold key to longevity, disease prevention, local institute finds

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Hearts, lungs, neurons: all essential to life, all irreplaceable –– until now. Known as “master cells,” stem cells may hold the key to tissue regeneration, organ replacement, and disease prevention, according to recent research from local labs. Greer Gurewitz, Redwood alumna and biochemistry major at Washington University in St. Louis, sees the benefits of stem […]

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With a right to live, a right to die is imperative

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All of us will, at some time, face the death of our elders, our loved ones, and ultimately ourselves. Given medical advances, a growing percentage of us will confront life-or-death decisions –– decisions that were once in the hands of fate. Although it may be an unpleasant subject, we owe it to ourselves to anticipate […]


Go Green! exhibit presents art with a meaningful message

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I give two green thumbs up to the Go Green! exhibit, located at the Marin Art and Garden Center in Ross. The gallery lies in a hidden enclave behind a row of flowers and a vegetable garden, and was established by the Marin Society of Artists in 1927. The society showcased the exhibit May 14-30 […]

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Hands off my genes

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A genetic testing service gave a client’s genetic results to police without consent, falsely implicating the client to a murder-rape, a privacy advocacy group found. Once implicated in 2014, the client was detained and interrogated without a lawyer present, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. In the end, the police wasted many resources and […]

Courtesy of Golden Gate Cetacean Research

Harbor porpoises return to SF Bay after decades of minimal activity

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After nearly 65 years of sparse sightings, hundreds of Harbor porpoises are back in the San Francisco Bay, researchers found. “It’s like having a new top predator in the bay,” said Bill Keener, marine biologist at the Golden Gate Cetacean Research, a cetacean research organization, and former Redwood parent. “It’s not just one or two but like […]

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Aging: It’s bound to happen eventually

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Whether by heart attack or Huntington’s disease, death is an inevitability humans must confront. As devastating diseases continue to claim lives, scientists are left with the ultimate task: finding cures. Combating and eventually eradicating conditions is the goal of aging researchers.   Longevity: Longevity, a long, fruitful life filled with youth and splendor, is the […]