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Matthew Mulcahy is a senior at Redwood High School a reporter for The Redwood Bark. He enjoys playing basketball with his friends and pondering philosophical questions on tranquil nature walks.

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Marine recruits salute to future success

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At the San Jose Military Entering Process Station, newly recruited Marine corps trainees stand in rows with their right hands in a salute, reciting the Oath of Enlistment in unison. Among the nervous but excited new group of trainees stands Oliver Bagshaw and Andrea DeLeon, ready to take their next step after high school. Although […]

“K.O.D” album cover.

Cole contributes cold hard facts with personal perspective in new album K.O.D

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Rapper J. Cole released his fifth studio album, “K.O.D,” on April 20, just four days after announcing the album’s release via Twitter. On April 19, Cole used Twitter to address the meaning behind his album’s title. He wrote, “KOD. 3 meanings./Kids on Drugs/King Overdosed/Kill Our Demons/The rest of the album I leave to your interpretation.” […]


College Essays

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In this series, the Bark’s Remarks explored college essays. Seniors read and discussed their favorite college essay with us. You can find this podcast and more by visiting the Redwood Bark on Soundcloud.

Freshman baseball head coach and history teacher Taber Watson.

History teacher fields foundation for baseball program

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In the hallway of a San Francisco apartment complex, a two-year-old boy grasps the handle of a plastic baseball bat while standing parallel to a rubber hitting tee. His eyes concentrate on the center of a white wiffle ball while the bat coils back with the torque of his hips, twisting in preparation to achieve […]

From Kim Martindale's collection of Guatemalan masks, this mask’s bull face with the bell is indicative of Guatemala’s Nahualá people. The details on native masks represented specific communities throughout the country. Each group used their original masks during communal gathering events.

San Rafael American Indian arts show brilliantly showcases native cultures of the Americas

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The 34th Annual American Indian Art Show was held on Feb. 17 and 18 at the Marin Center in San Rafael, California. The show’s exhibitors boasted a plethora of impressive native art collections from cultures across the Americas. This year’s showcase included the art collections and creations of over 100 artists, dealers and collectors from […]

Standing in front of Woody's Yogurt Place, Michael Woodson holds his 1959 varsity swim team captain's flag.

Owner of Woody’s Yogurt Place freezes time remembering Redwood

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In 1958, Michael Woodson, now the owner of Woody’s Yogurt Place in Strawberry Village, was a senior at the newly constructed Redwood High School. Lacking adequate athletic facilities and boasting only two wings of classrooms, Michael’s expectations for his last year of high school were low. Little did he know that his senior year would […]

Sitting in smaller breakout groups, students play a team building game.

Students build connections through ‘Breaking Down the Walls’ workshop

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On Tuesday, Jan. 22, Link Crew hosted the Breaking Down the Walls workshop in the small gym for a select group of students who were nominated by their advisory teachers for demonstrating leadership potential. The workshop was led by youth speaker Freddie Silveria, a representative from the Learning for Living organization. The organization leads workshops […]

Junior Luis Schmidt Minestrelli at age 8 (holding the balloon) and his siblings meeting Saint. Nicholas in their hometown of Chaumont-Gistoux, Belgium.

Students recount their international holiday traditions

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In the U.S., the celebration of Christmas is often characterized by twinkling lights, gift-giving and images of Santa Claus and his elves. But how is the Christmas season celebrated in other countries? As the holiday approaches, senior Cesar Segundo Corona, junior Luis Schmidt Minestrelli and sophomore Adam Wilson reflect on their experiences celebrating the season […]

Bird's eye view of Russell Camden's drum-set.

Rhythm makers of Redwood march to the beat of their own drums

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Senior Russell Camden sits behind his drum set, headphones in, drumming along to a metal song. The drumsticks in his hands are a blur of movement, followed by the crashing sound of a cymbal. Marco Zazzeron, another Redwood Senior, shares the same interest. Zazzeron stares off to the right, hyper-focused, as he hits down on […]

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Year-round intramural sports league would benefit students

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The butterflies begin to flutter in the stomachs of student athletes as they jog onto the court. It is the first day of basketball tryouts. High intensity drills, full-speed sprints and competitive play takes place as the players compete, dripping with sweat. The prospects are dedicated, putting forward their best to try to earn a […]