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Matthew Mulcahy is a senior at Redwood High School a reporter for The Redwood Bark. He enjoys playing basketball with his friends and pondering philosophical questions on tranquil nature walks.

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Sitting in smaller breakout groups, students play a team building game.

Students build connections through ‘Breaking Down the Walls’ workshop

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On Tuesday, Jan. 22, Link Crew hosted the Breaking Down the Walls workshop in the small gym for a select group of students who were nominated by their advisory teachers for demonstrating leadership potential. The workshop was led by youth speaker Freddie Silveria, a representative from the Learning for Living organization. The organization leads workshops […]

Junior Luis Schmidt Minestrelli at age 8 (holding the balloon) and his siblings meeting Saint. Nicholas in their hometown of Chaumont-Gistoux, Belgium.

Students recount their international holiday traditions

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In the U.S., the celebration of Christmas is often characterized by twinkling lights, gift-giving and images of Santa Claus and his elves. But how is the Christmas season celebrated in other countries? As the holiday approaches, senior Cesar Segundo Corona, junior Luis Schmidt Minestrelli and sophomore Adam Wilson reflect on their experiences celebrating the season […]

Bird's eye view of Russell Camden's drum-set.

Rhythm makers of Redwood march to the beat of their own drums

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Senior Russell Camden sits behind his drum set, headphones in, drumming along to a metal song. The drumsticks in his hands are a blur of movement, followed by the crashing sound of a cymbal. Marco Zazzeron, another Redwood Senior, shares the same interest. Zazzeron stares off to the right, hyper-focused, as he hits down on […]

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Year-round intramural sports league would benefit students

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The butterflies begin to flutter in the stomachs of student athletes as they jog onto the court. It is the first day of basketball tryouts. High intensity drills, full-speed sprints and competitive play takes place as the players compete, dripping with sweat. The prospects are dedicated, putting forward their best to try to earn a […]

Looking over her fantasy lineup, chemistry teacher Marissa Peck prepares to select players before the game.

Teachers tackle the fantasy football season head on

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Football lovers crowded around their televisions on Thursday, Sept. 7 to catch the opening kickoff of the 2017 NFL season. This kickoff was especially symbolic for fans who participate in their respective fantasy football leagues nationwide. The 2017 fantasy football season had commenced. According to a recent Bark survey, 37 percent of students have drafted […]

Working on new beats, senior Shayan Davaloo began professionally producing music at the age of 13.

Budding Producers Showcase Musical Originality Online

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Video by Max Gilberg As the sun’s last ray vanishes beyond the mountainous terrain of Marin County, the in-tempo thumping of electronic beats can be heard from the home-studios of senior Shayan Davaloo and junior Brener Arias. Both identify producing electronic beats as their passion, fueled by a yearning for creating original music. Davaloo was […]

Putting his phone away, senior Alex Smith adheres to Ms. Crabtree's phone jail policy.

Phone Jail Use Increases

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To discourage the use of mobile phones in class, some teachers began using wall-caddy “phone jails” with blue numbered pockets for student cellphones. However, English teacher Jonathan Weller and math teacher Jessica Crabtree have two different ways of addressing student cell phone usage in the classroom. In Crabtree’s room, 252, the Yondr phone pouches are […]


Redwood’s next step in sustainability: Dealing with undiverted waste

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On a sunny day, the clouds part to reveal the mountainous terrain of Marin County which is just one aspect of the natural beauty of the community. Marin’s mild climate and abundance of natural reserves like Mount Tamalpais and Muir Park are what make the county such a unique and attractive setting. However, an upsurge […]


Low attendance doesn’t deter team’s demeanor

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Softball isn’t Redwood’s mainstream sport. For basketball’s Leadership-sponsored game nights, the stands are heavily occupied by Redwood students. According to the varsity softball team’s senior captain and a four-year varsity softball player, Sabrina Nunez, this doesn’t seem the case for Redwood softball games.  However, the program’s underrepresentation in the Redwood community isn’t something that will […]

Main Character, Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) enters the “sunken place”

‘Get Out’ lives up to the hype and captivates viewers

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“Get Out” is a sensational thriller-comedy that captivates audiences through the use of well-shot horror scenes and strategically placed comedic moments. The film’s director, Jordan Peele, from the Comedy Central show “Key and Peele,” utilizes his comedic talents to lighten up the mood during the many eerie and horrifying scenes. “Get Out” successfully fosters a […]