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Maxime Kawawa-Beaudan is a senior and Art Consultant for the Bark. He swims and used to play water polo, and writes short stories in his free time. His flow won him Best Hair for the Class of 2017. He's a big fan of Wes Anderson movies, and his biggest fear is small children.

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As Redwood and Hardimans part, legacy remains

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Some days, they’re everywhere: black and orange hoodies dotting the halls, worn by seniors, juniors and sophomores alike: a new fashion statement. A visitor to Redwood on some days could be forgiven for imagining that they promote a school program, like Honors Biomedical Science sweaters. But they don’t. In orange text, they read, “Trenchless Titan.” […]

Holding on to his son Zack's shoulder, Cohen rides his board under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Cohen gets ‘tide’ up in the surfing lifestyle

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The waves were big that day off of Ocean Beach, most some ten feet high. Tall swells rolled toward the shore, building and peaking before breaking near the shore, sweeping over the shallows as white foam. Two figures, dots in wetsuits, rose and fell with the waves, holding onto their surfboards, paddling for the horizon. […]


Finding our spot; recovering the good vibes we’ve lost

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About a month ago, Redwood’s own favorite band, Canopy, held a gig in the Sweetwater Music Hall. It was a good time; there were parents sipping red wine by the bar, college students, Redwood alumni in many cases, chatting at the tables and a bunch of teenagers (plus one adventurous dad) dancing like nobody was […]


How do we cut the link between patriotism and nativism in America?

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The wall. Shutting down mosques across America. Banning Islamic immigration. Disparaging Mexican immigrants indiscriminately. All of these are textbook examples of the  nativism Americans have seen in this year’s election season. They’re examples of the type of rhetoric Donald Trump has normalized in American politics and the type of speech he uses to appeal to […]


Understanding loans: the difference between life and debt

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A Bernie Sanders sticker half scraped off a bumper. A handful of beaten sound bites. These are the only remains of a campaign that never stood a chance. Yet even months after the rubble settled, one of Sanders’ talking points still echoes on the lips of late night talk show hosts and politicians: free college […]

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The roots of Redwood: Tim Mullery’s journey

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Most days there was food in the fridge. Most nights of Tim Mullery’s youth, when he returned from school, there was something on the dinner table. Some nights there was nothing, but that was life in Fairfield, a blue collar town marked by that red neon sign arching over Texas Street that had been hanging […]


Biased news coverage compromises media credibility

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The 2016 election season is exceptional. It diverges from the storied rhetoric of traditional politics in favor of brash dialogue. It abandons the formal platforms of political discussion in favor of 140-character sound bites during a year in which 44 percent of U.S. adults use social media to learn about the election, according to Pew […]

The Redwood service group poses with friends from the trip before departing.

For Ecuador voyagers, the story didn’t end with return

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The town of Puerto Lopez faced the ocean on the western coast of Ecuador, a three-hour drive from Quito. A group of students played soccer on the beach, and across a cove from the beach was a mountain, and beside the peak the sun dove for the water. The sky went orange, went green, finally […]


Recent terrorist attacks do not justify Islamophobia

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Refugees fleeing the Middle East deserve even more respect than American soldiers returning from battle in Afghanistan. They have faced the same enemies as Western nations, the same radical terrorist groups, and they have done so without the support of the strongest military in the world. But if recent public polls are accurate, they won’t […]

Paris delegates hope to find solutions to climate-change borne problems including, among others, food production in extreme environments.

Marin delegates present climate change solutions at UN conference

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Three Marin residents participated in the United Nations climate change conference in Paris this month to discuss new methods of combatting the issue. The conference culminated  with the signing of a landmark climate deal. Congressman Jared Huffman, who represents Marin and other counties in California’s second congressional district, was in attendance, along with Dawn Weisz, […]