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Josephine is a Senior and Feature Editor of the Redwood Bark. She likes a lot of things, but mainly listening to wannabe music artists, filming pretty things, and being a young journalist in the making.

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Substance Free Campaign Expanding its Influence Around Marin

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The blaring heat of the sun shines down upon the parents who intensely watch their children’s sports game from the stands. A parent decides to pass their time by purchasing a bottle of cold beer from the snack bar. One alcoholic beverage leads to the next, ultimately impairing the parent’s ability to function properly. It […]

Junior Eloisa Costa (left) discussing matters with advisor Kyla Burke (right) in the College and Career Center.

10,000 Degrees provides students opportunity to become leaders

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Every Tuesday after school, the College and Career Center hosts meetings for 10,000 Degrees, a college preparatory and financial aid program for qualifying low-income Redwood students. Among the students currently enrolled in the program, two Redwood students are participating in Leadership Corps, a sub-organization of 10,000 Degrees that provides extra support for the program as […]