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Gregory Block is a junior at Redwood High School. He is a graduate of Reed Elementary, Bel Aire, and Del Mar. He enjoys playing baseball, rooting for Pittsburgh sports teams and spending time with his new dog Benji.

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Impasse between district and teachers’ union ends

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The Tamalpais Federation of Teachers (TFT) union ended a week-long impasse regarding contract negotiations on Thursday and withdrew their filing for state mediation. After seven months of fruitless negotiation, the TFT officially declared an impasse on Feb. 9, which would have triggered a state review and subsequent mediation between the union and the Tamalpais Unified […]

Millennials shouldn’t be disillusioned by outlier election

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Let’s say there’s a club downtown that you’ve been dying to go to for years. It has a big, flashy entrance with bouncers in suits standing outside. In past years, it has had the best new performers. But thanks to their strict ID policy, you’ve never been able to get in. Let’s call it the […]


What’s so funny? Redwood students expose the art of comedy

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You’ve tried to tell a joke, whispering something to a friend and expecting a hearty laugh in response. When all you received was a sorry giggle, well, they just don’t have your sense of humor, right? But what if you aren’t as funny as you think you are? Unfortunately, it’s probably true, at least according […]


Living by the sword

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The clinking of the foils starts rather quietly and then escalates into a roaring tin. Fencers dance back and forth on long white pistes, jabbing and retreating, and then jabbing and retreating over again. Here and there a buzzer sounds, notifying everyone that a fencer has been touched by an opponent’s foil, and over the […]

School board votes to expand wellness

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The TUHSD school board voted to expand the district’s wellness program to Tam and Drake on May 10 after an emotional months-long process for community supporters and the board. The extension of wellness will consist of the hiring of part-time wellness coordinators at the two schools as well as a wellness outreach specialist at Drake, […]

Sophomore Kent Harrison relaxes in Redwood's Wellness Center.

School board considers recommendations to cut funding for wellness programs

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As the district budget study committee continues to review finances for the future of the district, Superintendent David Yoshihara and his cabinet have proposed four possible courses of action that the district can take regarding wellness staffing for next year. Three of the plans involve cuts to staffing while the fourth recommends no budgetary change […]

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Desk Jams Edition 10: Max Lukianchikov

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  Senior Max Lukianchikov discusses his passion for guitar and why music is important to him. Lukianchikov is a part of the Redwood band “Canopy”.  

The TUHSD budget study committee presents their findings at the meeting on March 22.

Budget study committee recommends Wellness re-evaluation

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The Tam District budget study committee recommended to the school board that the Wellness Center be examined to ensure that it is an effective use of resources. The committee presented on March 22 following five weeks of deliberation. Twenty-three community members, including seven students, voiced their support for Wellness during Tuesday’s meeting. Six students from […]

A sign marks the entrance to the Robin Williams Tunnel.

“Rainbow” tunnel renamed to honor Robin Williams

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Marin’s “Rainbow” Tunnel was officially renamed the “Robin Williams Tunnel” on Feb. 29 after the California State Assembly voted unanimously to change the name this past summer. Two signs bearing the tunnel’s name were erected on either end of the tunnel. The tunnel, which is located on Highway 101 and serves as a connector between […]