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Elizabeth Duncan is a senior and feature editor for the Bark. She is one of those odd people who actually enjoys most of her classes in school. Outside of school you will often find her in the pool. Her commitment to high school and club swim teams takes up much of her time. Elizabeth also enjoys her job as a lifeguard. All the time spent swimming she often works up a large appetite, therefore she loves to experiment with baking in the kitchen. Elizabeth also loves to travel. In the future she would love to live in exciting, different places and experience new cultures – as long as there is a near by body of water.

Contact Elizabeth Duncan: eduncan@redwoodbark.org.

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Twins make plans to attend universities in Japan

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Across the Pacific Ocean, seniors Yuka and Takumi Itozu will be attending college in Tokyo, Japan next year. The twins separately decided to attend two different schools in the same city in Japan. Yuka will be attending the International Christian University (ICU) while Takumi will go to Waseda University. “I think I am looking most […]

Best served with vanilla ice cream, this summer recipe allows you to start the summer off right with a delicious dessert.

Summer fruit crostata: Simple, classic, and delicious

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The farmers’ market is full of delicious summer fruits. Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, plums, and nectarines are the superstars during the summer months. These fruits taste fantastic fresh off the stand, but after a few days on the kitchen counter, they tend to get bruised and less appealing. A summer fruit crostata is a simple […]


Redefining religion: Millennials reflect on faith

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Only 36 percent of Millennials, the generation consisting of today’s teenagers and young adults, identify with a religion, compared to 56 percent of our parents’ generation, Generation X, according to a 2010 study conducted by Pew Research. The Bark spoke to different students across the spectrum of beliefs to see how Millennials are redefining faith. […]


Mind over matter: Athletes’ pre-race routines help performances

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People mill about the track, parents pack the stands, and athletes walk across the field to their events. Standing behind the starting line is senior Mary Monda Oewel, shaking her legs and taking a few deep breaths. The world around her begins to disappear. “I tell myself I am doing this because I love it […]


Elegant and sweet, homemade macaroons make a perfect spring treat

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French macaroon cookies are delicate and elegant treats for springtime. Though baking French macaroons may seem daunting at first, any amateur baker can master this dessert with four simple ingredients. If a baker closely follows just a few critical steps, they can produce macaroons in a variety of different colors and flavors. A french macaroon […]

White pizza: skip the sauce and add potatoes, rosemary, and goat cheese.

From Italy to your oven: how to make easy homemade pizzas

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Everyday, one in eight adults eats pizza, according to a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Twenty two percent of teens eat pizza daily. Many people may think that making the perfect pizza is a daunting task reserved for Italian restaurants. This is not the case! Anyone can make pizza by following a few […]

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A look at university graduation rates: exploring the non-college way

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Two years ago, when Thomas Conneely pictured what his life would be like in 2015, he thought he would be studying at UC Santa Cruz. Today, he is back at home. “The best thing I have ever done was drop out from college,” said Conneely, who graduated from Redwood in 2012. “It was definitely hard […]

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Rising number of undocumented Central American children arrive to United States unaccompanied this year

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More than five million undocumented immigrants will be granted temporary residence in the United States in accordance with President Obama’s executive action, as announced in a speech on Friday, Nov. 22. This controversial immigration reform will be beneficial to many specific undocumented families who have been residing in the United States for more than five […]

Adding alternative ingredients and baking with unique culinary methods can put a twist on your traditional Thanksgiving pie.

Tips to reinvent standard autumn pies

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As soon as the leaves begin to fall from the sycamore tree outside my house, the comforting scent of warm pie starts to waft from my oven. November is a time for pies, and I strongly believe there is no need to wait until Thanksgiving to bake your first one. Though a good old-fashioned apple […]

Boys' varsity squad finished first at meet inTennessee Valley.

Boys’ varsity runners prepare for higher stakes competition at State

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As Redwood becomes a Division II school for boys and girls cross country, the boys’ varsity cross country team expects to face a higher level of competition at the state meet on Nov. 29. The cross country team moved from Division III to Division II this year because the overall student population surpassed the limit […]