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Deirdre Shepard is a senior at Redwood. Due to a speech impediment, Shepard could not pronounce her first name until she was seven years old. Her theme song is “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music, her role model is Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove, and her dream hairstyle is bald. Shepard used to be addicted to the Hokey-Pokey, but then she turned herself around. After school, she spends her time literally asking people if they would like fries with that. In her free time, she enjoys eating unhealthy foods and watching the worst reality television. Someday, Shepard hopes to be a hermit and live in a van down by the river, but as of now, she is content sharing a bedroom with her German Shepherd named German Shepard. Her biggest accomplishment to date is that she once cracked a crystal glass in half using only her forehead, which earned her the moniker “Hammerhead.” She is bilingual, speaking both English and sarcasm fluently.

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Sophomore Kelsey Urban and senior Sarah Ogden race at the state championship.

Mountain biking wins consecutive state title

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The coed mountain biking team capped off its season by winning the State Championship on May 11 for the second year in a row. The team was led by sophomore Kelsey Urban and senior Sarah Ogden, who placed second and third respectively in the state in girls’ varsity, and Teddy Hayden, who won the freshman […]

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Care about students’ safety, not only your reputation

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Something needs to be done about sexual assault on college campuses. According to a 2007 National Institute of Justice study, twenty percent of women will be sexually assaulted in college, as will six percent of men. The U.S. Department of Education recently released the names of 55 colleges currently facing investigations for violating Title IX, […]

Marin named healthiest county in whole state

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Marin was named the healthiest county in California for the fifth consecutive year by collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Public Health Institute on March 26. Marin was ranked first in the state in nine measures, including the lowest premature death rate, teen birth rate, violent crime rate, percent […]

Junior Monica Gomez performs the Tremors’ long program routine at nationals. They skated to a medley of Stevie Wonder songs. “The whole arena was cheering for us the whole time [we were competing], which made it fun and easier to entertain,” Gomez said.

Synchronized skater glides to Nationals

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While her classmates sat in classrooms last week, junior Monica Gomez was several states away, gracefully gliding across an ice rink with 11 of her friends. Gomez skated in the U.S. Synchronized Skating National Championships in Colorado Springs from Feb. 27 to March 1. She is a member of the Tremors, a San Francisco-based ice […]

Photo illustration by DeeDee Brown

She IS a Hollaback girl: The reality of street harassment

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It’s a typical cross country practice for junior Mary Monda Oewel. Besides the familiar sounds of her feet pounding on a trail and steady, even breathing, she and her teammates are distracted from their run by a shrill whistling noise coming from someone in a car riding down the street on their left. They’re being […]


It’s a Beautiful Day for a Coed Ball Game

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The passing of the Super Bowl has traditionally signified the beginning of baseball season. February marks the beginning of the Little League in California, and spring training for Major League Baseball begins next week. It’s no surprise that I wound up playing baseball. I have two brothers with whom I am very close in age, […]

New law may affect high rates of personal belief exemptions

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A new law that goes into effect on Jan. 1 will make it more difficult for parents to opt out of immunizations for their child. Parents will now have to provide the signature of a health care practitioner before their children will be allowed to attend school without receiving state-mandated vaccinations. Students are required to […]

Larp Squad crowned intramural volleyball champs

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The intramural volleyball A and B league champions faced off on Tuesday in the student championship game. The A league champions, who call themselves the Larp Squad, survived a late rally by the B team to win 30-27. The game determined that the Larp Squad will play against the teachers on Thursday. The match will […]

Boys’ junior varsity water polo dominates San Marin

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The junior varsity boys’ water polo team defeated San Marin 7-4 on Thursday. Though the game was considered a home game, due to Redwood’s pool boiler, the game was held at Tamalpais High School. The Giants will next play on Friday, Oct. 18 in the JV Regional Championships at Heritage High School in Brentwood.


Gallery: Homecoming gets Twisted

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On Wednesday, the third day of Homecoming week, the lunch time activity took an unusual turn: Twister.  All throughout lunch the Homecoming court competed and as the bell rang, only a few candidates were left standing.