Editor-in-Chief Farewell: Chloe Bishop

Chloe Bishop

We all know the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” On its surface, the aphorism is quite admirable. I mean, who doesn’t desire a utopian community where all people do is smile and agree? To make a long story short: I don’t. 

My parents used to tell me I was too sassy – a know-it-all, if you will – but I like to say I was just passionate. I always questioned the logic behind rules I disliked (typically to be chastised with a “because I said so”) and seldom let things go undisputed. While this may have led me into many timeouts years ago, inquisition is celebrated in Bark. Throughout my time here, I have learned the power of saying those not nice things.

Bark inspired me to reassess Marin’s health facade, leading me down a trail of bone-chilling, eye-opening truth about our mental illness and substance abuse rates — I haven’t seen our county through the same lens since. Had I not been encouraged to dive into the not-so-nice reality underneath Marin’s false front of wellness, I may never have sharpened the perspective I have today or been able to share that with the community. Later on, learning about the unique trauma-informed education style of San Andreas High School inadvertently carved out my newfound skepticism of the schooling system I’ve always known, forming a center spread dedicated to a potentially not nice conversation. 

But, I have without a doubt learned the most about not nice conversations from fellow Barkies. Your articles on suicide prevention, grief and playing sports in a time of mourning have brought tears to my eyes. Your deep dives into local prison reforms and Marin City have taught me more about my county than living in it has. Class discussions of current events, recent journalistic work and social issues continuously encourage me to think critically and never settle for the status quo. It is because of you all, Barkies, that I yearn for the discussion of not nice things.

To my fellow Editors-in-Chief, I know I will spend a great deal of time searching for a group of minds willing to dive as deeply as we do into every little topic — even if said topic is as simple (but nevertheless as important) as paste-up snacks.

I know for a fact that I will take elements of Bark’s not nice discussions with me for long after I graduate the program and I’m eternally grateful for all you have taught me, Barkies. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

Signing off,