Newly released data shows University of California admissions rates for Redwood

Sam Kimball

Recently released 2021 data by the SF Chronicle shows the current University of California (UC) admissions rates for Redwood. The study ranked Redwood last out of Marin County high schools in acceptance to the UCs, with only 53 percent of applicants being accepted to one of the nine schools. Broken down into five categories, the data also took a deeper dive into the students who applied, the percentage of those who were accepted and the percentage of those students who eventually enrolled. According to the data, 57 percent of Redwood seniors applied to at least one UC school, 53 percent were accepted to at least one UC school and 49 percent of those who were admitted eventually enrolled.

Another category of the data included the individual acceptance rates for each UC school. UC Merced led the way with 20 of the 21 Redwood students who applied being accepted, an acceptance rate of 95 percent, followed by UC Riverside, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis and UC Irvine to round out the top five. UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego and UC Los Angeles (UCLA) had the lowest acceptance rates, with only 17 of 199 Redwood applicants accepted at UCLA.