A guide to being ferry successful at the Ferry Building

October 29, 2022

Just a bridge away from Larkspur sits the San Francisco Ferry Building. Though once exclusively used as the city’s transportation hub, the Ferry Building is now known for the culture it harbors. Its large selection of goods and lengthy San Franciscan history has led it to become one of San Francisco’s most popular tourist destinations. However, knowing how to truly tackle the Ferry Building is still a skill that even locals have yet to acquire. 

Displaying unique and colorful denim, Fog City Flea Trading Post is a must-stop on your Ferry Building experience.


Many Marinites may shy away from the Ferry Building due to its location. While getting into the city may seem like a daunting task, the Ferry Building is relatively convenient if the right method of transportation is taken. Driving from Larkspur to the Ferry Building takes around 40 minutes with possible traffic. Parking offers an additional obstacle, as expensive garages are occasionally unavoidable due to the lack of street parking. To avoid the hassle of driving, taking the ferry is a great option. Ferries depart from Larkspur Landing, Tiburon and Sausalito, and run on a schedule found on the ferry’s website. It takes around 50 minutes to get to the Ferry Building by boat, which passes quickly while admiring Marin’s natural beauty. Tickets cost around $14 and can be purchased upon arrival. 



The Ferry Building offers a multitude of restaurants and food vendors, which can result in either an incredibly full stomach or a very overwhelmed mind. For those who may be intimidated by the large selection of eating options, here are some of the top spots to hit. 

Known as a world-class public food market, the Ferry Building houses over 50 shops.

One of the Ferry Building’s most attractive features is its fast pace. The majority of the stores are grab-and-go, allowing for a quick bite while exploring the building. Daily Driver offers delicious, wood-fired bagels accompanied by curated butter and organic cream cheese, and makes for an affordable, yet delectable meal. For those in the mood for something a little more filling, try Golden Gate Meat Company’s hot deli for a loaded sandwich. Or, grab some chicken, pork or beef from their butcher to take home. If you are a gluten-free Ferry Building explorer, don’t fear — the Ferry Building has plenty of options to satisfy your hunger. Mariposa, for example, is a completely gluten-free bakery with a beautiful spread of pastries and bread. You can end your meal with one of the many sweet treats found in the building. Just glancing at Dandelion Chocolate or Humphrey Slocombe ice cream will leave your mouth watering. Additionally, if you’re lucky enough to plan a trip on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, you can stop by the exceptional farmers market right outside the front entrance, which attracts 40,000 shoppers each week.


While food may be the initial reason for a trip to the Ferry Building, it’s likely you’ll leave with a few shopping bags in hand. Unknown to most, many small businesses live in the Ferry Building and offer unique products that add to the experience. Fog City Flea Trading Post sells jewelry, houseware, art and apparel all sourced from the Bay Area, in addition to well-edited vintage that is rarely found elsewhere. You can stop by Maison Verbena to add a possibly unnecessary but beautifully-scented candle to your collection.

The Ferry Building is also a great place to stock up on gifts to give, as it has everything from locally made olive oil to beautifully crafted tableware.  


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