Satire: DOS and DON’TS of Being a Redwood Freshman

Natalie Welch

Illustration by Calla McBride

Hello incoming freshmen, welcome to Redwood! Speaking as a very experienced senior who basically knows everything about the inner workings of this school, here are a few DOS and DON’TS for you newbies!

DO go to the 3rd floor in the main building if you have a class in the 300s. Mr. Hettleman will be waiting for you there. Warning: it may take a long time to find the 3rd floor staircase and it may look ALOT like the roof, but I promise you will get there eventually. I believe in you! 

DON’T get to class on time, everyone will think you’re a tryhard. Being late is MUCH cooler. After the bell rings, take your time. Who needs the first five minutes of class anyway? It’s not like teachers care if you are late or not.

DO have your parents pick you up in the front lot: it will save you plenty of time and you won’t have to walk as far. It just makes it so much easier for everyone! Plus you might get the opportunity to interact with those super cute upperclassmen who are taking their sweet time to get home.

DON’T try to make new friends this year; instead focus all your time on academics. After all that’s why you came to high school, isn’t it? Just work towards getting into the top colleges, and make sure to do all your extracurriculars simply for the purpose of putting them on your college resume. Who cares if being in the debate club isn’t what you want to do in college? If it looks good on the resume, go for it! Besides, making new friends is overrated; your middle school clique is better than any other group you could find at Redwood. 

DO walk in a horizontal line with your friends in the hallways (bonus tip: walk slowly). It really makes it clear to everyone that you are the shit and no one will want to get in your way. It’s a nice way to make friends in the hallways too because everyone will want to be part of your line. Those who don’t want to join  will totally move out of YOUR way. 

DON’T talk to upperclassmen. They are ruthless and can definitely tell that you are a freshman. Keep to yourself; only as a sophomore are you allowed to talk to other grade levels. 

DO go into the Pep Rally with high hopes of being welcomed with open arms. There is this weird rumor that the freshmen get booed by the whole school at rallies, but it is obviously just a silly little rumor so have no fear. I mean it might really sound like booing, but I promise you, Redwood would never even think of doing such a thing. 

Well there you go, freshmen! I hope this gives you some insight on how to really enjoy your first year here at Redwood. Freshman year is the best year of high school, so really make the most of it. Good luck!