On our mountain: The story of the Trailside Killer

Annie Goldstein

Welcome to the Bark’s new true crime podcast. In this episode, host Annie Goldstein will be exploring what happened beyond the rolling foothills of Mt. Tamalpais as she looks into the murders committed by David Carpenter, nicknamed the “Trailside Killer” for the location of his murders. Carpenter was known for stalking his victims on hiking trails throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and was known to have killed at least 10 individuals. To understand this local history, Goldstein talks with Marin resident Cadio Zirpoli, Film Appreciation teacher David Minhondo and archivist at the Mill Valley Public Library Natalie Snoyman. While this podcast details life amidst the fear, it also seeks to delve into the realm of sensationalizing crime in today’s media.