Girls’ varsity volleyball faces tough loss against Marin Catholic

Colette Boyden

The vibrant red polarized the navy blue, as Redwood fans rallied together to chant back at Marin Catholic (MC) students. The shouts and spirit from the crowd gave everyone a glimpse of the pre-COVID-19 era. This was the first game with an indoor crowd since 2019, and the atmosphere was a night to remember. 

Huddling together, the Redwood girls talk strategy in the third and final set.

On Wednesday, Sep. 22, fans gathered together in MC’s gym in support of the girls’ varsity volleyball team. Despite high hopes, Redwood lost every set for a best of five game, and MC showed what it means to be ranked No. 23 in the nation. 

Aside from the end result, the match remained fairly close to begin, as MC merely skated by, winning the first set 25-18. However, fans’ spirits dwindled as MC ended the second set swiftly, with a score of 25-10. Because of Redwood’s inability to gain momentum, the third and final set ended 25-12. According to senior Jordan Vasquez, a setter for the team, one of the Redwood’s biggest struggles during the game was execution.  

“We always get in our heads, which is a result of not being able to fully execute and make things happen,” Vasquez said. “This made it hard to get momentum and impacted our fight in the second and third set, after losing a really close first [set].” 

Despite Redwood’s loss, sophomore Jaden Hendrickson had a standout performance, having six successful, un-receivable hits (kills) and four blocks. As a new addition to the varsity team, after moving back to Marin in July, Hendrickson was focused on staying in the moment and giving it her all.

Standing behind the net, sophomore Jaden Hendrickson gets ready for the serve from Marin Catholic.

“My mentality going into the game was to bring everything that I have to offer and leave it all out on the court and focus on not getting in my head during the match,” Hendrickson said. 

Redwood’s roster for the game consisted of only 12 players because two starters, senior Annabella Ure and junior Kaley Mathews, were both sidelined due to injuries. Mathews, though disappointed to be out of the game, put her effort into coaching and supporting her teammates.

“It’s hard not being able to play, especially in such a fun game, but I did everything [I could] to have an impact, such as leading cheers, bringing all my energy and giving specific coaching tips during our timeouts,” Mathews said. 

Mathews and Ure look forward to being back on the court, especially after Redwood’s failure to avenge their 2019 Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) championship loss. Until their next match against MC, date to be determined, the team will continue to train and push one another to improve. Vasquez reflects on what is necessary for the team to meet the next level. 

“In practice, our focus is going to be working on covering each other, serving and defense. We will see MC again soon. This rivalry will never be over and the rest of the season is looking bright,” said Vasquez.