I don’t know about you but the Redwood seniors are feeling 22

September 10, 2021

While walking through the Redwood parking lot or driving through Larkspur, the colorfully painted car windows featuring bright reds and whites don’t go unnoticed. At the start of each school year, many seniors participate in a right of passage: decorating their cars to boast class pride. After three years, these students have finally made their way up to the top of the ladder and are excited to share this achievement with the rest of their community. Seniors easily recognize each other as they drive around Marin with their bubble-lettered “2022” and “RHS Senior” drawn on their windows, bringing the class together for their final year of high school. Whether it be painting a Venmo account username or writing names of friends on the rear window, here is how our senior class chose to decorate their cars.



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